“Cuando aparezca la vista de la memoria ….” (When the sight of memory appears….)

“25.34 BlueChain 1542”

A voice has been repeating itself over and over in my head yet I do not have the slightest clue whose voice is it. As much as I recall, I have been bearing the sight of no memory. Not sure since when though. In my brain, I have been looking right, left, front and back. Nothing.

I led my legs to carry me with no destination in sight while grasping to every inch of my energy. It may come to an end and when it does, I know I will leave this world remembering nothing at all. It scares me a little.

A large Lionel Messi poster is hanging on the wall. Right next to the wall is a small yellow-green field with some of the local kids playing soccer. I have my eyes upon the number 9 kid. Their goalkeeper stumbles after making a save. As his teammates are marching back to defend, he wipes the pouring sweat on his forehead with the back of his hand and peek at the poster before rushing back to support the defense. A determined smile. It is as though Lionel Messi has given wisdom to him on how to save his team. That’s what I saw on his face.

I look to the other away and I see the street’s name; Pamplona. From afar, a bustling bus appear out of the corner and it comes to a stop. Whilst my sight changes, the bus catches my interest right away when it rotates at its position, revealing its name concurrently as the side of the bus becomes more vivid. BizkaiBus.

“Fascinating” Some of the tourists commented as the bus stops rotating and it is now positioned 180 degree from where it was without making a U-Turn. It is an easy access turntable for buses at a congested area.

But I feel no admiration at all because it seems too familiar to me.

Some of the passengers disembark from the bus. Most of them are wearing white attire with a red piece of cloth wrapped around their head. One in particular, dumps his bus ticket into the trash bin but missed and it lands on the street instead. I pick it up and see the date; 07/07/2013.

“Mummy! Mummy! Why are there many people today at the street?”

“It’s the El Encierro, the bulls get a little freedom and they are led to the streets for a little run in the morning before they are put into fight in the afternoon. But these bulls are passionate and in high spirit. So they run with full energy as though they are being chased by ghosts! And there are people running in front of them guiding them on the routes.” A passionate lady explaining to her child.

A group of people are walking along the narrow road. From behind them, I witness a wave of white and red. I guess the colors resemble the El Encierro celebration.

In between the crowd, I see a group of cheerful ladies. Their laughter channels to my attention. And I can hear every tiny bits of their bliss as though they are only a distant away. It is refreshing.

El Encierro. Interesting.

“25.34 BlueChain 1542”

The voice visits in my conscience again. My frustration builds as I search and keep searching every corner of me to interpret the meaning of the now-seemed-a-meaningless-set-of-word and numbers.

“Vamos vamos a ir amigos” I am perplexed as I become carried away and without a choice, joining in the parade. One tourist is very excited with the atmosphere and shout “Come on, lets go, friends!”

The jolly laughter of the ladies accompanies me along the way as they were not so far ahead. Although I am trapped in a whirl of confusion, the laughter brings a little distraction.

A brochure slips from the pocket of a tourist who is standing away from the street. I pick it up. The El Encierro consists of 4 rocket blasts.

          The first signals the opening of corral gate.

          The second signals the release of 6 bulls.

          The third & fourth signal the entire herd has entered the bullring and its corral respectively.

The average duration between the first and the fourth rocket is only 4 minutes. Eavesdropping, picking pieces dropped by people. My senses are working the extra mile to pick up information.

“Very well. As all it takes is only 4 minutes to end, I might as well enjoy it.” I thought

A giant clock on the wall is showing 8.00 a.m. The first rocket booms.

“I’ll just wait till the bulls are around the corner” I thought

The second rocket booms.

The minute I hear the screaming and cheering, I am too late to realize that I am in the way of the bull’s running route. At the corner, the people are running frantically towards me. One of the bulls manages to pass through a few people. I have left with no choice but to join in the run. Apparently, there are more panicking people and they are running a little more faster. I am now a little behind.

“I should catch up” I thought

I hear a rough breathing right next to me. I see the horn first and as the thumping from each running gets louder, the whole bull’s body appears. It is catching up with my speed and finally the sight changes with the bull speeding ahead of me while thrusting its head everywhere. The cheering from the crowd seems to make it more excited.

“The greatest curse of all is to die not knowing yourself” I thought

The cheering is getting ecstatic as the bulls pass by one by one. I see the faces of the crowd as they are focusing not at the front to catch a last glance of the bulls but at the back. I take a little peek. 2 bulls are charging towards me.

“This period of 4 minutes is sure seemed long” I thought

Before I can do anything, one of the bulls charge and collide with me. I fell hard and land at the side of the road.

“One has passed. Please just make another one pass by the same way.” I thought

Faith has put it that I will find my memory in a twirl twist. As when I am getting up, my whole body is being swept across the route in mid air. I find myself balancing in between two horns and bouncing on the bull’s head. The bull is in the state of restlessness. I am struggling to see the route ahead of us but my position is not allowing it. While the bull is thrusting its head everywhere, the sky seems near and far in distant.

“When this ends and if I die, will God just take my soul straight from the sky?” I thought

In a moment, I feel as though the air captures me from the bull and my sight shifts slowly from the sky to the crowd. Finally, the bull’s horns emerge in my eyes with full pride. But it is not passing through beneath me. In the end, I finally grasp my consciousness when the horns were zoomed into my eyes. The bull thrust its feet and thumps its glorious head to the air, to get rid of me. Eventually, the horns gore through me.

The third rocket booms.

I lay on the street as the medic team rushes towards me. They are trying to engage with me. But what is more soundly is the voice…

“25.34 BlueChain 1542”

It was a command.



7/7. That is the date today.



66. That is the house number and I was looking for the house before I become totally out of memory. Still clueless how.

Bluechain. It’s the access code.

Glimpses of pictures are running through my head. Those pair of hands is in every one of them. Some are with gloves while some are not. All are tainted with fresh red blood. Ways and instruments that are used to force the life out of those people; I remember each and every one of them. At this junction, this time the victim is me myself, taken away by a pair of horns.

“Perhaps, the greatest curse maybe that one knows everything at the end.” I thought

The medic team tries their level best to restore me who is falling apart; inside out. My body is being carried into the ambulance. But I know the better and I chuckled as my last breath draw nearer.

The fourth rocket booms.

This story is purely fictional and may contain certain facts which have been inserted to suit the story line  The brochure contents are an added information of which were taken from El Encierro’s article in Wikipedia.


Its dark. I cant see a thing.

I’m stuck. I cant move an inch.

It feels like I have been abducted. Is it true?

I’m mute all of a sudden. I realize there is a fine sound flowing out through my mouth. Something is blocking its way out. Something that has empowered my freedom of speech at this moment.

Funny. I never was a chatter myself. What kind of thought led in freedom of speech!?

I laughed but it suffocates me even more.

My eyes are freely blinking, I began to see that the surrounding has been an absent of light. Have they not a switched off the dark?

In a distance, a dog howls in the cold. I think it is night time. Unless the dog gets injured in the middle of afternoon and I am in somewhere air-conditioned.

My brain works too rapidly. I guess Im panicking. I am thinking too much now. But it is normal at this situation, right? Im expecting myself too much to be relax at this tangled moment.

A list of people came rushing through my mind, oh how I wish I can send a message to them of my dire need of help. There is nothing I can do with the absent of light and with me being stuck.

From afar, I heard a door swung open without hesitation. The person knows I am right here. But still no sign of light.

I screamed. My lungs are generally working harder to provide me excessive air.

No respond but I felt a presence near me.

I am held and sat upright. The presence is notable, the breathing is near letting out wind gives sharp chilling to my spine.  Could have spared some air for my bankrupting lungs?

Mute. Paralyzed. Stranded.

What else?

One pair of hands touched my breasts. The deepest inquisition has begun. From the very beginning a thrust is meant to abrupt. Wavelengths of thundered melody are a wonderful sensation. Bleak sweat crawling down the skin stopping not a second pouring. A soul is garnered, picturing a future full of dark shades. When the melody reached the highest note, the show comes to a stop in dark still.

At this solitude point of incapability, I surrendered into submission.

The figure is still actively moving around. Something about the way he moves. Slow but determined. The sun of tomorrow, will I get to see it through this blindness. The weight of my body dragged forcibly to one side.  My skin touched a rough, distinctive smell of strong coarse fabric. I am put on a clothe of the utmost uncomforting and it is in a sack.

Still being dragged and stopped.

I heard a tin crashed on the floor.

Scent of kerosene arise and stuffed my nose.

Small bright yellow is seen visible from afar through this layer of clothes blinding me. It appeared right near to me and blew a shred of bright yellow wave all around me, spreading it like an angel dropped by hugging me away from here. Felt like there is a hope. Finally it came, the light.

Bas Selangor

Selayang pandang, sergam setia bas merah hampir sepenuh warnanya berderam geram ingin dilepaskan. Itulah Bas Selangor yang akan membawaku pulang. Berderam lagi bas merah itu, isyarat untuk penumpang untuk mengaktifkan organ badannya yang berupa kerusi seolah-olah hanya boleh beroperasi jika ada punggung melabuh.

Lega hatiku kerja yang tertunggak habis jua tetapi esok mula episod baru pula. Terasa lega yang baru bertandang tadi beransur-ansur pergi. Aku lepaskan keluh yang berat bersama udara deraman enjin bas seolah-olah bas ini mengeluh bersamaku. Bunyi berderam kedengaran lagi tapi kini bukan dari bas merah tapi perutku. Wahai perut, sabar itu separuh dari iman. Titik noktah. Bunyi berderam.

Sekilas pandang, akulah bakal penapak pertama secara rasminya bas itu. Ah terasa bas itu berderam menjemput kedatanganku, bergegar resah kerusi menggoda untuk menerima punggukku. Aku memilih tempat duduk di belakang kerana nasihat teman sekerja, jikalau masuk perempuan, orang tua ataupun OKU kala tiada kekosongan tempat duduk, tidaklah rasa ringan terpaksa melepaskan pungguk. Berat penat badanku mengatasi keihklasan hatiku.

Perjalanan ini akan memakan masa 1 jam sekurang – kurangnya, aku pasti jika masa itu perut pasti kenyang sekenyangya membaham segala jam, minit dan saat. Aku membetulkan posisi duduk supaya lebih selesa sambil merebahkan pemandangan ke luar.

Ada sebuah kedai meletakkan televisyen berapa incinya aku tak tahu yang sedang menayangkan aksi World Wrestling Federation yang disaksikan oleh segelintir manusia yang ku kira – kira warga Indonesia dan Bangladesh. Kelakar, kegilaan sebuah hiburan sukan membantai sesama sendiri. Hah! Bukankah aku juga begitu suatu ketika dulu? The Rock paling aku minat!

Tapi itu dulu. Dulu-dulu dah habis.

Aku menyumbat lubang telinga dengan fon kepala, dan menekan butang simbol segitiga memuncung ke kanan di skrin telefon NOKIA X6 lalu ku hanyut ke dunia hayatan tanpa belas kasihan lalu aku pun lemas.  Lagu pertama mengiringi ku pulang adalah The Used – All That I’ve Got. Walau bagaimanapun, Tuhan telah menjodohkanku bersama irama lagu walau emosi hati sekocak tepung milo dengan air panas. Terasa diisi kekosongan hidup.

Setahu aku, memang sudah ada beberapa penumpang lain selepas perasmian aku tadi. Lalu aku menoleh, sudah penuh pun tempat duduk malah ada beberapa orang sedang berdiri. Malang! Semuanya perempuan tetapi tiada satu pun penumpang lain terutamanya lelaki yang mahu melepaskan pungguk yang parah diracun keselesaan.

Bagi diriku pula, sudah tentu tidak bersalah kerana tempat duduk aku sebangku sebelum barisan di hujung malah di sebelahku ini seorang warga Afrika. Mahu dihulur, nescaya duduk tak mahu. Lagu pertama tadi telah lama berlalu, terasa rindu pula lalu aku putarkan kembali lagu hanya dengan menyentuh lembut manja paparan skrin.

Aku menoleh pandang ke luar tingkap yang kelihatan dihimpit sebuah bas unggul Rapid KL yang sudah mula operasikan pelan bayar tambang bas menggunakan kad Touch n Go. Canggih! Tapi Bas Selangor sentiasa ada tika aku mau pulang tak seperti Rapid KL yang jual mahal. Pastinya aku memilih Bas Selangor, teman setiaku sepanjang jalan.

“Hello kawan! Kita jangan buat susah ah, bas ini tidak akan lalu Chow Kit. Jika ada mau turun Chow Kit, ini bas takkan turun sana.”

Itulah ucapan pembukaan penolong pemandu bas yang juga merangkap pengutip tambang bas. Kelakar bukan, terasa sejuk bila kawan dikait antara penumpang dan pengendali bas. Itulah namanya Marketing Strategy. Kebanyakan mereka hanya akan mengherdik dan menghalau keluar penumpang semata-mata hendak menggunakan jalan pintas untuk elak terperangkap kesesakan lalu lintas. Tidak mahu susah kawan? Keluarlah sebelum anda dihujani air liur caci penolong pemandu bas.  Kerana ini Consumer Rights tiada maknanya di dunia bas. Andai terlepas stesen atau informasi, tiada maaf bagimu. Melentuk buah fikiran mencari-cari jalan pulang.

Sesak sungguh. Sampai di simpang terletaknya Hospital Tawakal, bas tiba-tiba mampat dengan manusia. Yang menghairankan, kenapa bukan lelaki? Satu per satu ahli kaum Hawa memasuki dan menghimpiti satu sama lain. Ada seorang lelaki yang terpaksa berhimpit bersama perempuan keliling pinggang. Pasti dia merasakan hari ini dialah Hang Tuah!

Namun, semua lelaki yang sedang duduk, tidak merasa sedikit kasihan untuk menghulurkan tempat duduk. Dan aku faham, keletihan membantai lesu fizikal badan dan duduk di kerusi dengan selesanya adalah umpama menolak hidangan sensasi Kentucky Fried Chicken untuk mereka yang lapar. Sanggupkah?

Aku masih di dalam dunia hayatan, dibuai lagu rancak M Nasir – Ada lalu jariku menari-nari memukul satu rima di atas pehaku kononya sedang membunyikan not-not lagu. Nampaknya bukan aku seorang yang sedang menikmati lagu ini, semua orang yang berdiri ikot menghayunkan badan mereka ke kiri dan kanan mengikut irama lagu tidak kira bangsa dan agama. Oh apakah ini namanya 1MALAYSIA?? Seolah-olah tercipta satu anjakan paradigma melalui lagu ini!

Tingkap di sebelah aku manayang laju imej kenderaan, apakah ini satu perlumbaan? Atau adakah ini kerna Rapid KL?

Apa yang aku tidak faham di sini adalah infeksi virus gila apabila Bas Selangor bertemu Bas Rapid KL. Pantang bertemu pasti adegan pecut-memecut berlaku namun Bas Rapid KL selalunya mengalah dan patuh sentiasa pada pantang larang lalu lintas. Bas Selangor sikapnya berlawanan, menentang sentiasa. Kadang-kadang pula, pantang larang jalan raya,  pandang pun tidak mahu.

Ada seorang mak cik yang memaut dua beg di kedua-dua bahunya. Kesian. Kala bas memecut laju, momentum tinggi melemahkan pegangan dan sokongan badan. Melantunlah anda jika tidak memegang kuat pada kerusi atau tiang. Mak cik ini, yang memaut beg di kedua-dua bahunya, manakah ada ruang untuk mencari sokongan sambil dikelilingi manusia di segenap penjuru badan?

Hadiah istimewa apakah yang direbut sehingga separuh mati Bas Selangor ini sebegini, aku pun tidak tahu. Dalam perlumbaan ini , mak cik itu tewas kepada keadaan. Terhuyung-hayang sambil mencari kekuatan untuk melawan arus yang tidak menentu yang datang menjenguk tanpa segan-silu.  Kesian. Letihku kian lama digoda pilu. Susuk wajah tua mak cik itu menghadirkan rasa bersalah di dalam hati ini. Walaupun kesedaran mutlak kesima cerah dalam minda yang aku juga bakal berhuyung hayang seperti mak cik itu seolah-olah bukan di dalam bas aku berada sekarang ini tapi sebenarnya disko! Hati aku akur pada satu titik yang beranjak besar dari kecil membentuk satu entiti bernama ikhlas.

Mak cik itu aku tawarkan tempat dudukku. Lenyap letih di mukanya jelas nampak. Bait syukur kelihatan di wajahnya dan sebari terima kasih dilantun kepadaku. Tapi yang sebenarnya aku tafsirkan adalah, “Selamat berjuang anakku! Kerana aku telah pun tewas!”

Pemandangan depan hanya dijajahi pemandu seorang, tiada sebab untuk penumpang melihat cermin depan kerana yang penting sekali, sampai destinasi! Jika dilihat pun, lupakan pontianak, hantu mahupun pembunuh bersiri kerana mungkin ini boleh menjadi rekod filem realiti bersejarah paling seram! Kerana, anda akan tertanya-tanya gaya pemanduan infeksi virus gila ini belum bertemu kecelakaankah??

Mungkin ini dikatakan gaya pemanduan semula jadi Michael Schumacher. Satu bakat yang jika ditangkap pemandu kereta biasa, kebarangkalian tinggi episod kemalangan jalan raya tidak jauh dari hari-harinya. Peliknya jika bakat ini dikuasai pemandu bas, kenderaan gergasi atas jalan raya, jauh sekali kemalangan jalan raya berlaku dengan senangnya kerana bukan semua mampu lawan kepada gagahnya kuasa buli bas ini yang hanya dimudi dengan teknik memusing stereng dan memijak pedal minyak. Secara total, ini mampu menjadikannya Raja Jalan Raya. Kesian. Alangkah bagusnya jika ini litar perlumbaan, mungkin telah diungguli piala-piala juara disusun megah di kabinet rumah menjadi kebanggaan diri untuk tatapan ramai. Ini, tentunya, hanya satu gurauan realiti. Pedih tapi benar.

Ini semua salah Rapid KL. Mungkin.

Setelah sekian lama menjadi pemberi khidmat kenderaan setia, Rapid KL kini muncul menjadi pesaing, secara tidak lansung hasil kutipan menjadi kurang. Dari satu sudut lain, apa salahnya berlumba mencuri penumpang dahulu? Dan dari sudut yang lain pula, jikalau pelanggan puas hati dengan perkhidmatannya, sudah tentu bila datang waktunya, bas itu juga yang dipilihnya, betul bukan?

Tiba di selekoh Jalan Sentul. Aku pandang sebentar ke arah bertentangan, terlihat K.L.P.A.C, teater pementasan segala persembahan; orkestra, drama dll. Sungguh aku rindu pada zaman masa dulu aku bebas datang untuk pertunjukkan sebegini. Kini, aku sudah bekerja, tidak sebebas dahulu. Terasa kemerdekaan 31 Ogos menjadi bermakna jika aku mendapat kembali kebebasan ini. Inilah juga satu jenaka hidup, gurauan realiti.

Bas berhenti, menghentikan semua aliran tenaga seketika dan membuang haba panas di sekeliling membantai halus bahang kepada mereka yang berdekatan. Masuk 2 – 3 penumpang lagi ke dalam perut bas lalu bunyi berderam menghembus lagi dan perjalanan pulang bersambung kembali. Merengek bas tika pemandu memotong laju kenderaan yang jelas lambat menikmati sisa masa yang ada dalam kesesakan jalan raya.

Potong. Rengek. Potong. Rengek.

Bas kini tampak tidak bermaya terpaksa menampung berat melampau sambil jalan tar ini diseret badannya oleh tenaga mikro manusia yang hanya mendominasi tubuhnya dengan kaki dan tangan. Hayat sebuah bas yang akan tamat jika gagahnya gagal merempuh cabaran ini. Satu penderaan tak mampu hilang dek dimakan masa. Untuk seketika, aku merasakan bas juga perlukan suara untuk menempah kuasa membela diri.

Masuk ke lorong Jalan Ipoh Batu 4, hatiku dibadai lega. Rumahku tak jauh lagi. Sebentar lagi akan sampai. Ada hikmahnya aku telah mengorbankan kerusi dudukku kerana di tengah himpitan manusia ini, tidak mungkin aku dapat keluar dengan selesa menyelit sana sini semata-mata untuk keluar dari bas. Kedudukan aku kini berdekatan dengan pintu keluar. Bukankah dulu pernah aku berdukacita kerana, tiada satu pun loceng elektronik yang berfungsi kala aku mencuba berkali-kali sehingga rumah aku pun berlalu. Terpaksalah aku berjalan jauh sedikit untuk sampai ke rumah. Sumpahan hatiku pada hari itu, menambah dosaku bertalu-talu. Itu aku pasti.

Sebelum sampai, Masjid Jamek Jalan Ipoh dan The Store menjadi titik penanda loceng harus ditekan. Doa agar loceng itu hidup sejahtera sesaat sebelum aku tekan tak putus-putus dibuat. Lampu merah. Aku padamkan niat sebentar untuk menekan loceng. Pada satu sudut kerusi, ada seorang pemuda sedang tidur nyenyak menampung sedikit kepalanya bersandar pada cermin yang walaupun keras namun mampu memberi keselesaan untuk tidur sebentar memberi sedikit keadilan untuk menurunkan kadar keletihan.

Lampu hijau. Aku menekan loceng. Jelas bunyi suara kambing pendek yang menjengkelkan. Cukup jengkel untuk tidak perasan. Sayup sayup kurang kedengaran enjin berdesing, menandakan perhentian. Debaran menanti rumah menggodaku, letih badanku terlupa pula. Beransur-ansur, aku menyelit sehingga aku betul berada di pintu keluar. Bas berhenti. Aku menuruni tangga dengan rakus sambil diperhatikan penumpang bas lain yang pastinya ada berunsurkan cemburu.

Selamat tinggal aku ucapkan. Esok kita bertemu kembali, Bas Selangor….

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Fast & Furious 5

In a point of view, Fast & Furious is a similar concept with Pirates of the Caribbean, a series adapted not from book and it may developed on its own, freely. And I must say, Fast & Furious has done a better job than the Pirates.

Awesomeness! That is all I got to say.

Since the last episode, there have been a lot of racing, so what else? Fast & Furious team comes back to make a full stop forever. But of course,  they will never let you get away saying, “ahha thats the end of it”

I am entertained. Thats true but there are also unrealistic deems in the movie. Especially in family making business, though in this case, the illegal ones. My Entrepreneur lecturer once told us to never do business with a relative because it will get ugly during heated moments and damn it is real. When Dom & Vince are disputed between themselves, they rekindled. Yeah it may happen but in this business, it just to good to be true. Anyhow, its a good bet for the movie to move on. Strong brotherhood. A family on the line. That really boost Dom’s leadership which not only he is a remarkable strategist but also a loyal companion to his team.

The action sequence is wonderfully and smoothly connected. I agree wholly with koimoi that the themes of brotherhood, actions, father wannabe dilemma are all perfectly run in a good line.  A diversity of the team makes up a creative humor, witty dialogues and not forgetting, a splendid work among themselves. It is thrilling yet interesting. Bravo!

But separating racing from Fast & Furious? Can you do that? Of course not! There is a minor race on the line, but totally not infused into the whole operation. What started as a illegal, fame racing has brought them this far to get easy money. But not here in reality, viewers. Better not get into the hyped. Entertainment is one thing and to live like entertainment is totally another.

Incorporating Dwayne Johnson could be a brilliant thing as he has a good reputation as a cop portrayal and his undisputed aura is admirable. I could almost remember the duel between Triple H and The Rock once upon a time. But i don’t get the beard or goatee, whatever.

It is a long run. From North America to South America and then the train ambush to twisted cop and tycoon chase party. And please not to be disappointed because you will stay tuned till the end even to the credits because Fast & Furious 6 will be in store, not so soon though.

Pirates of the Caribbean : On Stranger Tides

Ok, here we are again, with pirates on the screen.

Witty Captain Jack Sparrow dazzles us with his comedic, spontaneous act to acclaim this time, his truly beloved though yet uninterested; Black Pearl is still on his mind.

Truly as the cunning lover, Penelope Cruz has to work out the faking persona. I personally think Catherine Zeta-Jones could do the magic instead.

The end with sayings of Legendary Pirate of Captain Jack Sparrow? Mermaids and rituals? Perhaps the pirates could never have a better story development. Producers and Screenwriters, it is okay, you may end the story now.

Nevertheless, one of the most enticing issue in this movie is religion versus paranormal. Imagine JAIS versus Seekers. The interaction between Serena, the mermaid and Phillip, the missionary suggesting kindness beyond boundaries.

Blackbeard proves that though how evil you are, death is still inevitable, in this life suffer production will bring you no good, a religious person or not. Ian McShane charisma is not suited to carry evil characters, in my point of view, his strength is not remarkably disliking.

Suggestion for story development? Hmmm…. This is one pirate story that is not treasure hunting oriented, well more or less, which is unique. Besides that, it is lead by witty comedic Jack Sparrow in the violent and brutal pirate world, that is another vital point for the Pirates of the Caribbean! The advantage is that it is not a novel adapted film but a spontaneous splendid idea instead and boom! made into film series. Any ideas would suit the story. Nonsense or not.

Love, lust or affairs, fairly always. Friendship, done. Loyalty, done. Evil, always. Action, done. Evil ties with Good, done. Curse, done. Betrayal, done. Survival, always. Cross cultural pirates, done. Treasure, not exciting anymore.

Jack Sparrow has no intention to be the leader or whatsoever but only the captain of the ship on a quest to reign his selfish goals. And we have seen this over again and again in four films. Whats more can be expected? No better story development may suggest the end of the series is the best for all, with a happy ending or tragic? With the death of Jack Sparrow??!!

More rums savvy!

Since the Black Pearl is trapped in the bottle, a sequel is hugely anticipated with more twisted storyline. Am I going to find out? I just might 😛


Wrestling gangsterism with comedy, I believe KONGSI is a success for all age viewers despite certain scenes which could be a bit extreme like the loss of a finger, in a funny way of course, would not create a pleasure disturbance.

Tumulak, a muai thai fighter who speaks deep Northern Malaysian’s accent, is a Thailand assassin who is on a mission to murder some influential thugs in Malaysia.

I think the main theme is that, no matter how far you run, the power evil will always be defeated. Like the malay proverb goes sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh jua or Lu langsi Lu mati! 

The other theme which is the origin of Tumulak’s vengeance-driven motive is SAY NO TO BRIBERY. And I think that this is the reason that Malaysian’s government became helpful and has supplied many facilities to this movie especially scenes of hot pursuit.

Perhaps, Farid Kamil is trying to bring gangsterism into criticism by humiliating oppression which is widely used by them. And there is also a showing by the police who lose his temper by Victor’s provocation. Police too has patience limit but the inefficiency of dealing with these thugs is not a smart investigation.

The actors are as below, taken from Shahril‘s blog

Antara barisan pelakon dalam filem ini adalah Tumulak (Shaheizy Sam), Norliana Samsudin (Detektif Maya), Fizo Omar sebagai ASP Shariff, Azad Jazmin (Mikail), Putri Mardiana (Yati), Fida (Maria), Zul Handy Black (Kimpedu), Shafie Jaafar (Tok Malik), Pooniah (Victor), Chew Kin Wah (Jimmy).

But Kimpedu is played by Bront Palare, right?

The jokes and storyline are well portrayed to me but then ending is a bit too rushing. Out of no where, right after the hot pursuit, all the other police appeared to chase Tumulak. It would make more sense if there are scenes of the police communicating with each other. Making the story more tense as it reach the climax.

Tumulak acted by Shaheizy Sam has a lot of credits to be given as he has not only mastered the accent of Northern Malaysian but also the fighting skills. A caliber actor with less emotional expression which makes him the best suited actor to play Tumulak.

Tumulak’s skills is an inspiration for martial art lovers, it does prove at one point that if you work hard, you will get it but let it be for a good cause 😉

Overall, KONGSI is not bad at all, just the ending could be a bit more interesting. Farid Kamil has done a good job in creating a comedy filled gangsterism film dwindling vengeance and bribery in between.

Water for Elephants

For the record, my comment may biased as I have not read the movie-adapted novel by Sara Gruen.

When I first heard of the title, Water of Elephants, I have the symbolic idea of thirst so along the way, I tried to filter the message with the symbolism.  I could see thirst of survival and compassion surfaced most of all both by fellow humans during the depression and the animals.

During the depression, many people are left without jobs and the Benzini Brother’s owner August sadistically removed men whenever situation needed. But lucky veterinary Jacob has become a irresistible vital asset for August to take care of the animals especially Rosie, the elephant.

I have not seen a circus movie before, and i am just amazed how well the animal could act in the movie. It must be difficult though not innovating as many circus related movies have been made.

It makes me wonder why, the title has Elephants instead of Elephant because I could neither see other than Rosie? Now, we need to look back in the original book because it is said in wikipedia that

In the beginning of the novel, Jacob mocks another resident of the nursing home who claims to have worked in the circus and carried water for the elephants. We are led to believe that this is a popular, but untrue, claim.

This important part of the story is left out in the movie making the audience who has not read the book clueless. And I have to agree with Stephen Holden’s review from the New York Times that the film is heavy on the love triangle between August-Marlena-Jacob instead of the heavy themes of animal rights and humans trials during the depression in the novel.

After watching the movie, I felt good for Jacob and Marlena but I could not really put empathy towards the animals. What I understand is that, circus is just another business, profit making is the utmost priority and emotions must not get into the way. True but not true. If you don’t appreciate your workers, they would go against you one day just like it did in the movie. Sadistic August went down by his own workers and the highest revenue, the elephant Rosie.

But Andy’s Film Blog has a saying on his own, he thought the reviews are unfair as the movie itself needs a justification on its own. He said,

When I saw the previews for Water for Elephants, the adaptation of Sara Gruen’s beloved bestseller, I was rife with anticipation for what seemed to be a stunning motion picture. Then the reviews came in and claims of “not being as good as the book” and “one ring short of a three ring spectacle” more than soured my outlook. In actuality, Water for Elephants is an unabashedly old-fashioned movie, epic in scope, that hearkens back to the days of the lush Technicolor films of the 50s and 60s. It is a glorious spectacle of a film, even if it is imperfect.

And he further commented that both the main actor and actress are never meant to be lovers

The love story seemed a little lacking. Pattinson isn’t bad but he’s a pretty boring actor and Witherspoon, whom I admire, is miscast playing her character in an unattractive way that makes you question Pattinson’s feelings for her.

………..of which I do agree although the film is heavy on their affair but honestly, the affair is not what I am meaning to see so the film has become to me, a fascinating interaction with animals instead of the love story.

Cruelty towards animal is largely portrayed by August during one he teaches Jacob to control Rosie and one when he is frustrated with Rosie’s persistent disobedience. But is it him just? I don’t think that the circus owner are the only desperate people to force the animals to perform.

While characters of Jacob and Melena showed compassion and emphasize the importance to get in connection with the animals before getting them into performing which values largely responsible for both to fell for each other. And not forgetting Camel who brilliantly persuaded Rosie to come home with wiski, yes, wiski!

What makes me laughed is that, although the water symbolizes purification makes it ridiculous as the fact is the elephant Rosie is being fed with alcoholic drinks! And she wanted it herself! That is one clever elephant that she could free herself to get a dip.

The hard life of the depression is alighted through Melena’s past history and Jacob’s observation the closing circus which led many men without money for long time.

The author, Sara Gruen, is inspired to create the main character, Jacob from a biblical story in the Book of Genesis. Source here says that before Jacob get into the train, he submerged his tiring foot after a long walk from home into the frigid water and it hurts painfully but he persisted eventually longer until his cold feet feels equally comfort with the low temperature as though he is purified.

Perhaps, the director is desperate to squeeze everything in an estimated 2 hours movie but the bonding between human and animals are not enough to be felt. Sara Gruen may be as well, disappointed. But Christoph Waltz is magnificent as the circus owner August as the Col Hans Landa of Inglourious Basterds is never a disappointment as the villain.

Lost & Found

The rat’s dilemma

A cafe stood up in the middle of Brinchang City in Cameron Highlands. Fakhrul, a part time waiter, is anxiously and carefully bringing the ordered food and heading towards the respective, hungry customers. It was a very busy day. Every staffs were running around taking and sending orders while retaining a good impression to get away from the manager’s rage.

Suddenly, some plate collapsed and crashed, spreading pieces everywhere. Fakhrul is shocked for a moment and saw the culprit running away with a small piece of cheese. The whole cafe is stunt; every focus is distracted! Then, the atmosphere turned panic after one lady customer, hysterically and nonstop shouting

“Rats! Rats! Rats! Rats! Rats! Rats!”

Fakhrul cursed blindly and silently to the rat as if communicating with it mentally. He brushes through the cafe from the store, now with a broom, he waited no moment to attack lavishly onto the rat. One hit to the right, the rat was already on the left. Its short equivalent legs are meant to run fast. Another hit to the left, it got hit on a customer’s feet, unfortunately.

“Ouch! Watch it waiter! My leg ain’t look like a rat!”

“Sorry sir!”

Looking around, the distraught atmosphere has the customers siphoned out of the cafe. Fakhrul becomes increasingly frustrated as the cafe is newly opened and will need more time rebuilding reputation because of one tiny little thief, rat. And this is only part time job of his!

But with less people, there are more spaces to launch the broom attacks.

A few minutes passed, outside the cafe, the vengeance driven broom thumping sound has not ceased. The rat maneuvered skillfully avoiding being stamped and still finding its way out. Fakhrul caught the pepper filled bottle, divorced the cap from the bottle and splashes onto the rat which stumbled a moment and sneezed repeatedly.

Each time the rat tries to run away, it will sneeze and jumped backward making its effort worthless. Fakhrul realized the pattern so he targets the perfect moment and just the moment of the sneezing comes, he hit satisfyingly without mercy on the weakened target. But the rat’s inconsistent position has by luck placed it rightly on the broom. The surprised Fakhrul swings the broom to the opened door;outside.

And the rat landed into the drain and stopped sneezing. It gets brighter and noisier as vehicles are passing by actively. Upon to see the surrounding with too many legs moving about, the rat rest in a hidden place beside a lamp post and just right in his vision, a portion of cheese laid outside the cafe. Hungrily, the rat ran for it.

Fakhrul, now standing outside the cafe, saw the running rat and swiftly kicked it flying into the back portion of a lorry. Horrifyingly, the pepper has affected the rat’s precious, sensitive smell which means, it can never smell the way home. But the lorry is bringing the rat to a new home. Perhaps a temporary home.

The rabbit finds a new journey

An aroma spread into the air. The tea is ready while the grandma is filtering excessive oil of the banana fritters. She extends the sleeve of her blouse to sponged sweat of her forehead. The evening will be filled with her only grandchild while her parents will be gone for a few days of a business trip. And a lovely day to rejoice her with lovely food and drinks.

She glanced over to outside the garden behind the house, the rabbit is hopping around playfully. A packet of carrots lay over on the table, she rolled over her sleeves, took out 4 of them and scatters them into the garden. Impossible to fail, the rabbit will find every carrot within the garden which is mainly carpeted with boring green grass.

Never once did she fail to feed the rabbit but she grew physically tired of its companion after long hours spent on her work. All she wanted is a long day break. She planned to give away the rabbit. While looking at the clock, she stretched her arms after the long hours of cleaning. The child will arrive soon and soon also, the house will be less lonely.

At the front house, a car zoomed and stopped. The rabbit stood up and each time the car’s doors are shut, it startled. The garden is not connected with outside world and the old bricks surrounding it are expelling. But this is where the child loves most because back at home, she needs to comply with routine rules and regulations but here, it is freedom. Finally the car zoomed again, disappearing.

The grandma has had the food and drink ready by the table and led the child enjoy herself. The crispy banana fritters are delicious to be eaten with warm tea. But the child is anxious to play with the rabbit. It is a dilemma for the grandma to give away the rabbit because this would also disappoint the child.

Both the rabbit and the child are fully fed by the grateful and tired grandma. While the kid provoked the rabbit and chasing it, the grandma sat down by the garden and watch. Her old age has taken her to a painful passive life so the rabbit switches her role to accompany the child while her aging body signals to rest, so she sat down, and fall asleep.

The child carry the rabbit gently, resting it on her arms and walked into the house while combing its soft, mixed of black and white hair. She saw the leftovers on the table and decided to have it all by herself, lay down the rabbit and reach the table. The rabbit wanders around confusingly and found the bright outside through the loose closed door as though it is going home.

-half an hour later-

When the grandma wakes up, both the rabbit and the child were not in sight. She put herself up hardly and quickly and enters the house. The child is asleep calmly at the sofa. In the kitchen. the dining table has bits of banana fritters all over. But it was silent. She knew. Her dilemma is solved. But when she looked at the innocent sleeping child with yellow bits around her mouth, she is wondering whether should she buy another rabbit?

The lost and unlucky uninvited guest

In broad daylight in the strawberry farm, appeared 2 uninvited creatures. One with a limbless, long elongated body while the other with hind legs, a large head, short body and before, with a tail. The former, is still confused, adapting to the new surrounding while the latter has just extended its tongue trapping fruit flies back to its mouth, hence, well fed.

The former contracts and relax its muscles as it moves, the serpentine movement. It is poisonous. It smells something, it smells food! So it followed the smell. It follows slowly, making the serpentine movement through the grass, neglecting the soft soil as it goes.

The loss python is agitated, dancing its forked tongue while the frog remains motionless, well fed, regretfully unnoticed of becoming the prey. Though loss, the python feels lucky to access its role in the ecosystem, the predator or in other words, to eat. Ironically, the predator meets a predator.

And it is funny because the frog sings but what an ugly voice it has! As the air is forced through its larynx in varying frequencies, it sings. The frog is nothing but an out of tune tuba player. During this short musical stage, the python launches its common locomotion, the fearless, speechless serpentine movement.

The sun stands directly up as it began to become hotter and the filled frog vocalized heavily as more air is pumped in. At the strawberry farm, the modern watering system operates automatically and the grateful, loss frog which require humid jumps a few meters away as though noticing and avoiding the silent raging python.

Between the frog and the python, the strawberries danced to the falling water from the machine operated tap. Slowly and carefully, controlling the excitement as it continues to envelope the frog. One of the tap malfunctioned, but neither the frog or the snake realized, a worker came to check.

The dampened soil has become a comfortable bed for the frog. Being showered by the water, with full stomach, paradise means nothing more. The shower comes to a stop, the frog looked but the tap is working and its voice halted like a musician dropped its tuba while playing. It is the python! Without a sound, the python strike! And it became dark!


Realized from afar of clear weird movement, the worker gets himself an empty sack and a long stick. With the watering sound prevent the snake’s sensor ability, the worker took it for granted and successfully pulled the python with the stick into the empty sack!

The frog escaped peacefully while hurriedly singing like a musician lost track of the song with still, the ugly voice. And the rain is coming.

One day in a strawberry farm in Cameron Highland

The owner came rushing after being informed of the situation, too worried if anything happens to any of her workers and horrified herself thinking of any snake nest possibly available in her late husband’s farm. She enters the vast strawberry farm straight to the store.

She read George McMillan Darrow’s Strawberry : History, Breeding and Physiology and recalled the first cultivation which is in 13th century in France. The strawberries unfortunately could not be breed everywhere in the world as it requires non-extreme condition like in Cameron Highlands located in equatorial Malaysia which is blessed with moderate rain and sun climate. And it also attracts common predators like birds and insects but rarely, snake and frog.

Her beloved late husband has tried many unharmed methods to disallowed strawberry’s predators especially the popular birds. He creatively used the picture of an eye to psychologically shoo away the birds as though warning the birds that they are being watched. And the birds never came back!

Passed the door, she checked the routine schedule, it is Fakhrul’s turn for inspection. Ah, he was the one who captured the snake! She remembered that a lorry will be coming to hand over the ordered farming utensils. It should be arriving anytime soon but first thing first, she has to be reassured of the captured snake problem.

Fakhrul gave the owner a brief explanation and informed that the fire brigade department has sent a team to pick the snake. The owner is relieved and proud to have such a brave and reliable employee. She is considering to upgrade his part time contract to a full time based since he has lost his job at the cafe in Brinchang City today morning.

After her husband’s death, she is skeptical of her capability of managing the farm and how surprised she is with herself.

She looked at the snake filled sack on the table by the door and hopefully it will be sent somewhere else soon. The gushing water from the watering system is disturbed by the roaring lorry which came to a stop after a while.

Both of them went out, making the door shut but not closed, knocked the sack by the table to the floor and the sack is loosened! There is a light upwards, the python looked and slowly went into it. Now outside the sack, hungry, through the silent serpentine movement make its way towards the opened door. The python is escaping!

The owner ordered Fakhrul to have a look at the arrived utensils and obediently he deals with the lorry drivers, making sure the invoice matched with the items. Somehow his day is not so bad besides the rat tragedy at the cafe this morning which cause him his job and somehow he suspects that the ill-maintained environment in Brinchang City is the culprit for making homes for pests like rat just like the one at the row of hoes. The rat sneezed!

Surprised and raged in anger, Fakhrul grabbed a hoe and hammered his target repeatedly but all of the hits failed and the rat managed its way out to the strawberry farm straight into the store through the opened door and it is just inches away. The lorry drivers and the owner who are witnessing the scene are confused as how a man could be so enraged by a tiny innocent rat.

A talented fast runner, the rat saw a head coming out of the door with its mouth wide open boasting its forked tongue but the poor rat could do nothing to stop at its current speed and now, realizing there is no where out; front, the python while at the back, the human both unbeatable predators. Finally, it crashed into the mouth as a serving to the winning predator; python.

But the rat’s dilemma has not ended, it sneezed again! The python is startled and strengthen its mouth letting no space for escape. And the rat sneezed again and again. The python is losing strength and lastly, with a another fateful sneeze, the rat flew away from both the predators.

The rat rubbed it nose and its smell came back! It breathe in deeply sensing home’s scent! Lucky rat! Within a few minutes, it could be ruptured with the python’s destructive enzymatic saliva. And within seconds, the rats destiny is twisted yet again; more years of living and with more cheese possibly.

Fakhrul, who came into senses, forgets the rat and focus on the python. Predator versus predator, only one will remain. The owner from afar, took a new sack from the lorry and threw it to Fakhrul who skillfully swept the python into the sack with the hoe.

The owner sigh a relief when she hears the siren of the fire brigade. Fakhrul handed over the sack to the authorities and cursed the rat silently, of its precious luck. The owner reminded Fakhrul of the utensils and he hurried to finish his job.

Passed through the farm the owner realized that there are pieces of eaten strawberry alongside one row, she wondered whether the python has changed to herbivorous , which is not true. Or could be another predator. She followed the trail of the pieces and found the culprit, gnawing strawberries with its teeth, munching like it has never eaten such delicious fruit before.

The owner recognized its soft white and black fur pattern. Its definitely the rabbit! What an extraordinary and unbelievable traveling it has gone to. She held it up and looked into its eyes, they are pleading as though it misses her so much. The thought of her grandchild came into her mind and on her lips articulated a meaningful smile knowingly her future has made a reverse. Less lonely.

Of learning the education but sorry, memorizing will do it for me :)

A general answer when students were asked of whether schools teach too much would be a definite, “YES!” But is it? As the education stage excelled, quantitatively, the subjects increased as well and so is the workload thus, the complaints. The exact root of the complaints when students were asked would be “SO MANY TO MEMORIZE!!” Then the following question would be, is the education ministry nuts?? Has they not sensed the current syllabus is meant to be not learning but memorized. Yes, memorized and you will spark flying colors in grading. Then the syllabus can be summarized as

Boring. Unfair. Undeveloped.

In school, a student generally spends at least 6 hours a day. Whether or not one has the interest, the day at school will be through, if worst comes, by self-enforcement. Neither the parents nor the school can force a student to stay and study if the student is just not interested which perhaps has caused playing truancy syndrome. With the memorized to score formula, the increased number of subjects need to learn has dramatically decrease survival chances in peer competition because the realization of failing to memorize would cause grading “suicide” hence kills the learning passion and developing dependency to guidance self development. Refreshing the qualities of the desired future generation, surprisingly the direction of the education system won’t seed independent as one of them.

This problem enhanced as teachers became less dedicated and demotivated when paperwork increased demanding more details in teaching summary. When student appears with the existing dilemma and the teachers are tight with paperwork, there exist a gap between them thus making teaching a lot more NOT easier because stressed teachers simply could not understand stressed students. Anyhow, many students somehow got the idea, just memorize and success is on your way, so they excel. Some in fact memorize better and passed with flying colors. The ones who are not good in memorizing, fade away; failures, the system concludes. The intention of the syllabus has meant not to kill learning passion but to equip the future generation with general knowledge besides excelling the area of interest. Good intention but through memorizing? It is nothing but good intention led wrongly by methodology.

Lets take mathematics for example. Generally, students are provided with the formula straight away plus with some calculative workings to get used to it. And the exercises are overwhelmingly given to the students in certain schools just to make sure they will definitely make it.  Consequently, the students became technically good but not applicably. An obvious observation is in the examination papers itself. The basic technical questions are tackled easily but the critical thinking question would get the student stuck, leaving the answer blank or some tried but wrongly done.

One of the ways that the education ministry could do is to lessen teacher’s paperwork which has limited time and effort with  student’s association. Students are human beings too, to understand them it is not a matter of hours but long time process so the teachers need more time with them as to enhanced teaching suitability. Maybe the existing teaching method is not working because the students lack attachment to the style and if with less paperwork, the teacher can have more focus on skills modification and at the same time building the relationship with the students. Stressed teachers tend to have less interest with students.

These two below are good examples of dedicated teachers who teach mathematics;

1) This teacher managed to introduce a way to not get confused with geometry definitions here

2) This wonderful teacher marvelously led the students to figure out the area formula of triangle here

Another one way is to emphasize more applications and knowing by figuring out in the syllabus. Because if a student is said to be of good quality and an independent one, figuring out is essential. Later in working life, an employee is not expected to be given exact guidelines. Therefore, school is just the exact place where the cultivation must start. Teaching theories is vital but memorizing them is unnecessary as the most important lesson is application. One may not do well in exam, it is okay as long as  you know what have you learned. Yes, it is okay! (telling that to myself over and over again)

Maybe one of the best way to cultivate inquisitive thinking is to know what do the students perspective of a subject beforehand. Like respiration, the breathing cycle, in biology. Perhaps some students would have their own theories. And next comes experiment to figure it out. This would not only spark learning process but also creativity.

Learning language can be fun if tangles with activities such as drama, choral speaking etc despite the actual exam based exercises being done. But my English teacher was creative! He mixed contemporary arts and studies into the exercises. One lesson, we listened to Black Eyed Peas’s Where is the love to learn about new vocabularies. We also did an exercise based on a scientific study of making communication possible in gorillas and oh boy what a difficult text it is! But my teacher explained it through, understood we did!

Back then in school, I remember that any answer which I need is laid comfortably in the textbooks. EVERYTHING! From definition, meaning, the fundamentals, the reasons blah blah blah and all I need to do is, memorize! Which I  failed to do because my memory has not much capacity ehem.. consequently I became bored with learning, oppps! I mean, memorizing.

The sayings of school teach too much would be unfair because the root of the problem lies within the system. It is never wrong to aim high but a proper cultivation is all the student needs. And it will do no harm to adapt successful educational system of other countries notably United Kingdom which brags some international prominent tertiary institutions like Cambridge University.

Learn from the best!

Handicap dilemma

Handicap based on OXFORD Advanced Learner’s Dictionary means a permanent physical or mental condition that makes it difficult or impossible to use a particular part of your body or mind of which on my understanding also includes old people because they eventually become weak and unable to take care of themselves.

On 11th Mac 2011, last month, Fukushima, Japan has experienced a disastrous earthquake and just yet, a few days ago, just not too far Sendai underwent  a less but still powerful earthquake at a Ritcher scale of 7.1. The latter has reported 2 deaths which an elderly man with a hearth condition collapsed due to shock and an old woman died when her oxygen tank disrupted during the event. On circumtances, especially the above examples, the handicapped could not be helped.

In reality, are they being helped properly?

A society with handicaps has become a burden that we can’t avoid because as human beings, they area part of us.  As society sympathize beggars, so, many of them are encouraged to be beggars. And even more sympathetic, the handicapped beggars. Or perhaps an excellent actors. This report in Johore Bahru, Malaysia said there is a rise in exploitation of handicap to become beggars.  A witness here claimed that a male, blind beggar led by a lady turns out to own a brand new car and, surprisingly, he is the driver.

For the past 10 years, a number of natural disasters have greatly damaged people’s life. Notably the tragic earthquake in 2004 which triggered deadly tsunamis to various countries which led Indonesia as the most victimized. Pursuing aid, many donation programs were made. Some of them, were meant not to reach the victims but into the pockets. A disappointing act to monopolize caring people’s money and satisfying greed.

Old people are inclusive in society and when they become physically unable, they turn handicapped. Sadly, many fill in the welfare institutions. This could be a sign that the society itself is refusing to support the handicapped and relying heavily on welfare workers to be responsible instead. Certainly, a handicapped stranger, is a nobody but a handicapped family member like mother, is not just anybody. However, in more complex matter when old people become mentally disabled like wandering round alone for example, they need the welfare but not  to overwhelming “I find my old man a nuisance, please take care of my old man, I’ll pay you” requests.

The city development has developed tremendously but has neglected to the needs of the handicapped who is capable to mobilize minimally. The Orang Kurang Upaya (Handicapped People) scheme made by Malaysian government is fair enough to help financially and providing benefits plus a special parking lot. Of that, it is yet enough. With the implementation of special female only commuter by Keretapi Tanah Melayu (Malay Land Train Station), the society reassured that they are being taken care of but why has there not been the special female, primary school children & disabled only commuter of which has been implemented in Japan?

The handicap development in education is not bad as learning facilities are available. But yet not in the issue of the least popular disabled employees. May they not physically able to do technical jobs, but other sectors should consider hiring them as they are capable of producing excellent work just like other people if training is provided. It could be a win-win situation as the company can cut cost and time in searching employees when they can train the handicaps to do the work. In Malaysia, there is no cases yet of handicap people being left to die helplessly. But Charles Custer reported in dismay that China helped brutalizing Dong Jianli’s hope to survive being a disabled, details here.

Conclusively, the handicapped has been given a fair development in terms of education and exclusive benefits but not entirely to be a full function people in terms of employment. They may be handicapped but independence is not impossible.  And that also means that they don’t necessary want our sympathy because they also makes the society. And because, overly sympathizing is very much uncomfortable, as indicates a total useless citizen.

Below are a few examples of handicap people who have shined through their life.

Tan Sri SM Salim who has been paralyzed, a bit later in his life, from waist to down is a notable singer in Malaysia. But the beauty in him is that, he is still sings though trapped in the wheelchair. His hit songs include successful collaborations with Siti Nurhaliza, M Nasir etc. My personal favorite is his collaboration with Zainal Abidin singing Satu (One).

Late Christopher Reeve or famously known as the original Superman. Once on a horse ride, he fell and became paralyzed. But he never gave up to prove that he could once again stand up until his death.

Or perhaps Nick Vujicic who was born without limbs but magnificently able to perform almost everything that a normal people can do like house chores and even, play the guitar! Here is his story

All three examples above, proved that in life, survival needs no physical advantage but it starts within you. And the most important aspect in life is, when you fall, just get up again.

Recent natural disasters have caused great calamity including ‘creating’ handicaps which is an unavoidable accident because some victims wake up realizing they are hand-less, leg-less etc. And right now, the victim is Japan.

Blog for Japan help Japan recover from the tsunami

They may need money for massive physical structure development but they prove to put people first of all things by executing rapid evacuation. Even top car makers; Honda,Toyota have stopped running, report here. So, if you would want to help, please consider these options.