I will not miss nasi ayam Mak Limah!!

Once upon a time, the fall of Han dynasty registered in history, people’s mercy is looked upon greed and China is divided into 3 kingdoms, with the other two commanded by Wei and Wu.

“Those three parts of territories are like companies of modern worlds. However, there were conferences of war between them because their idea of unison is for the other party to obey which is unlikely.” so, I thought.

History is fun! I would love to witness the history clearly with my own eyes, even if it is a dream.

Riinngg! Riingg!I heard the annoying phone ringing.

A friend of mine, Akmal, called me one day to have a chat in the middle of the night while I was extremely busy with homework. School teachers never give us a break even at the weekend. However, since he is a close friend, I chatted with him. He is BORED with homework and well I must say I am too. Nonetheless, again and again, he criticized and gave some tips to improve my image as though I am to change from a chicken to a human.

“Hey man, I think you need to use more of that gel to get your curly hair of yours commanded. It is not presentable!”

Theoretically, it is fine as long as I am not presented naked in public. I am a bit thirsty and I got myself a glass of water that I put near to the phone.

“You know with that special knitted pair of school pants, you know with that jeans look alike pants? That will get you some attention from the opposite!”

I had enough of his ridiculous consultancy so I divert the conversation about things at home. He complained the mother of his is nagging him almost every day. Of course, that is a norm, because for example, he is using the home telephone whenever he wish and I bet the telephone bills amounted is largely due to him.

I heard his mother shouted through the telephone.

“Thank God!” my heart exclaimed.

That’s the sign that he has to continue working and stop chatting!

“Did you hear that lion roared? I have to go, catch you up at school and do you think I can copy your homework?” he asked

“Nope, put the receiver down and finish the homework before you go to bed” I replied

“ Yeah, yeah, yeah..  I will mummy. But do reconsider my suggestion on the hair gel yeah! You will look good!!” he said

“Bye!” I said and hung up.

The receiver is hanged hard in frustration that the table shook and the water poured, spilled on the phone. I should have realized that the glass was there. But there is nothing I could do to stop the electrification running through the muscles, veins, blood, almost every pieces of my body. The sensation I felt is hilarious due to a mix of pain and smell of burnt. I think I was being cooked. Darn!

When I came to my senses, I saw too much light and some green smear around me. My vision is getting less blurry and I confirmed the green smear is gardens. Too much light of the sun? Its sunny now?? Where has my house gone to???

“I must be dead and this must be heaven” I thought

I realized it was raining beautifully because the rain is not the kind of boring pouring like in Malaysia but it poured with shine and lightly. That’s weird, it was sunny when I opened my eyes and now it is raining! I didn’t know heaven has a weather mood!  Is this happening because of me?

The rain is so beautiful though. Its shining and the rain water touched my fragile skin. I have a fond memory of the history that I was reading earlier, the Han Dynasty. Through the rain, a bit afar, I saw a door.  I am starting to believe that Doraemon came and has forgotten the door completely. Curiously, I went near to the door and turned the knob. How much I wanted to see the history myself. The temptation is erupting. And I stepped into the other side of the door. I have  a hunch that I would not be in Erra Fazira’s (my crush) bed room. Honestly. I’m nervous.

In the National Geographic, the other day, the one I watched, they made a documentary research in describing the settlements by the people of China during Han Dynasty. I remembered greatly because that day the history teacher lectured us about it. There are a lot of hills in the big land of China so these people build a peculiar wooden house so that so it will stand still, and where I stood are these villages. To clear my doubts, the Great Wall of China lays small, hundreds of kilometers away of me.

Yet when I entered the door, it was not raining anymore but dark and gloomy. Stink of blood. I thought they were slaughtering chicken for a feast. But they are slaughtering each other.

“Kill them!”

“Don’t let them live!”

Did I just heard them talking? And no, it is not that I am deaf, but I understood! My family must have possessed the genius genetics. Or one of my female ancestors has had an affair with Albert Einstein. That must be it!

“Don’t let them conquer Chang An. Protect it with your life!” shouted a villager.

“Chang An? Wait a minute that sounds similar” I thought

Say who would forget about 3 paragraphs read before sleeping? Of which I am not sleeping. I may be dead. But this looks unlikely. Anyway, the last 3 paragraphs of the History book I was reading revealed to me, that both the Tang and Han dynasty has the same capital, Chang An. The capital of China during these two eras will bear the witness and the victim of an important war during the Han Dynasty. The war between the three commanding provinces of China is taking place to regain the top spot as the ruler of China.

“Sightseeing? Are you enjoying the view?” asked someone. He is a soldier, I could tell from the uniform. And I can detect sarcasm in his question.

“Hmm I came in search of my wife. We are having a honeymoon. I guess she is not here. I am leaving. Bye!” I lied.

Right after, I stumbled upon the brown red soaked soil. I was kicked from the back.

“How disrespectful! Don’t you recognize me as your general? Did I order you to search for wife or fight for independence? ” The soldier said, now we know he is a general, correctively, my general.

I stood up, foolishly. I did not notice that after I stepped into the door, I am not in my pajamas. The uniform I am wearing is no different with the general. Now, realizing, it is my duty to draw blood with my hands with the help of the sword I am carrying. I hope the sword is sharp enough because my heart is tempting to return home immediately instead. The thought of killing is not part of the plan. This is not a dream but a nightmare!

The thick smell of blood is nauseating. My heart pounded, flow of my blood secretes sympathy throughout my body as my eyes met with the pleading eyes of the victims, innocent villagers of Chang Ans. A dead leaf covered the face, giving comfort blocking killing vision. What a sad spring. I wonder to obtain the title as the ruler, is this made in the name of power disguised as independency? Lay down on the soil are the victims, the people of the country itself. But the people who wish to be the ruler were so many. Not a decent competition can solve the problem.

“What are you waiting for soldier? Draw your sword and go forward into the battlefield!!” commanded the general

So I took a step, and another, then another.

“Why you, I never knew I have a baby in my squad! If you don’t reach the battlefield in count of 5, I’ll make sure you rest in peace in count of 5!” threatened the general.

I think I almost peed in my pants.



So I ran as fast as I can only to get knocked down.

“You get knocked down, get up again! Never give up! Kill in the name of independence!” A soldier shouted

“So that you people can rule the country right? The independence is for you not for the people” I thought

I got up and before I could do anything, I was kicked right from the front and fall back. The enemy sword is supposed to pierce through my body when a similar uniform soldier send the enemy away with a double kick.

“Get up!” he said

I stood up

“Be careful!” he said and left

I see yellow. The enemies wear yellow turban. Unbelievable!  They are the legendary Yellow Turban that brought down Han Dynasty in just a day. That means, I am a soldier of the Wei kingdom. We were attacked by them and now we are counter attacking. Hmm since I used ‘we’ that means I have acknowledged myself as a Wei. This is astonishing! The nightmare is beginning to be real. I am also beginning to feel lose out of real world, I mean my world before I came to this.

“Wait a second!” I thought

That means, the general that instructed me was Caoci! In the 2nd paragraph of the History text, Caoci is described as a great, fierce and ambitious war figure. He inherited the skills from his father, also another powerful figure in the Shu Han’s dynasty. And he almost made me peed in my uniform! The Eastern Wu kingdom is strangely quiet but this must not be taken lightly. The dawn of a new era is coming. The fall of Han’s dynasty is only the beginning.

Swinging the sword back and forth, I thought I could do some fighting.

“I will give the Wu dynasty a favor! These Yellow Turbans are traitors! Nothing but thiefs! Their only vision is nothing but money.” I thought

I saw a target; he is unaware of my presence. He is in front of me, fighting but yet to resolve. This is not noble because I am attempting to ambush him from behind while he, on the other hand, is trying to win this battle in fair and square. So I thought I tried because it is fair considering of the experience I have is greatly limited compare to others., With full adrenaline, I ran as fast as I can, the target is inches away but I lost my balance. Overseeing a dead body on my way, I fell. It was so embarrassing that I wish I was dead.

I stood, again, countless of times. And the Yellow turbans are decreasing greatly. The Wei soldiers are advancing, avenging Hans defeat. They take another step to regain power. But they are not done yet. There might be an ambush cowardice attack from the Eastern Wu dynasty. This can prove troublesome. After this, they must focus in regaining strength and strategize again according to the current number of soldiers. As I walk one step and then another, I could feel pain all over my body. I am not careful. One Yellow Turban punched to my face. I fell. AGAIN!

My leg shivered for a moment. Then the shivering happened again. The shivering pauses a moment before it happen. Seriously, I think I need a doctor. Maybe I can find the famous Sun Simiao who founded the medical textbook being used in Japan till now, now as in my world, not here. I reached to my leg. The shivering is suspected rooting from a vibration. Something is vibrating in my pants. I am extremely terrified. Did a rattle snake found its way to my pocket? Trembling, I reached my pockets and took out the vibrating being that is causing this horrific scene. I don’t want to die now, honestly. Not in a dream. Not in here!! But this is rightly, not a heaven. Slowly, I took it out.

It is a square breathless being. No, it is neither not dead nor alive. It’s a phone. I mean, it IS my phone. There is a name appeared on the screen, its Akmal. I pressed the green receiver button.


“Hellooo, do you have any historical idea of how many ancient times I have been trying to get you??”

“Not till the Yellow Turban is defeated?”


“haih, whatever man, come on, do you want me to buy you Mak Limah’s nasi ayam?”


“Ok, catch you at the school. Don’t be late sleepy piggy!”



“Don’t forget a fired egg”

“hahaha sure! Bye!”

I can’t take off my mind of the mouth-watering Mak Limah’s nasi ayam! Till my mind started to work properly and I realized that I can’t have the ability to taste it in this ancient China era. And it is night already.

“Are you going to stand there with the sword forever?” asked a soldier

“Err no” I answered

“The porridge is still hot, eat it faster, the patrol will start soon, you may not have the time to take the spoon”

God, I want my nasi ayam!!

In a flash, I saw a silhouette. Who would be running in the time of peace post-war? Unless, a fugitive. So I pursued him. The soil is being pushed; I fear the sandstorm may hit us. Natural disaster happens since the born of the earth. The sound paused every minute. It is not the sandstorm, something is being dragged. I followed the noise tip toed. Closer and closer, my sensible pair of ears followed the sound. From a safe view, I saw a soldier is being dragged by a Yellow Turban into a discrete place. He starts to take off the soldier’s uniform. Ahha! A plan to switch side! Very cunning! It is magnificent, if you think how a Yellow Turban can escape from this massacre. I draw my sword out and carefully while taking advantage of the Yellow Turbans carelessness because of the terror of being seen has overtaken him. Slowly and closer I am to him. Successfully, without making a sound, I draw my sword swiftly near his neck. He stopped.

“Get up slowly and put both of your hand behind your head. You have a right to remain silent or anything you say will get you in court of Wei Kingdom”

He blurted into laughter

“That is absurd! Either way, I am going to die! Who would leave an ambush attacker of the country, alive?”

“Good point.”

“Now, slowly rise from the soil. Don’t try anything funny”

Oh boy! I have this under control! I bet General Caoci will be proud of me! So much for being inexperienced, the Yellow Turban has more to show than being defeated by a sword at his neck. Lightly, he swirled around like a dancing bird going further away from the sword and landed a flying kick over my face. I am down. Is there any chance that I can at least take an enemy down? I am starting to regret of making the oath to help the Kingdom of Wei. Will I die now? What about Mak Limah’s nasi ayam??

I stood up. The Yellow Turban slapped me many times.

“We attacked and we steal. That does not mean we are just skilled enough to steal. You underestimated us.”

He kicked me hard. I fell. My body starts to shake badly. I have sustained serious injuries, of that I am sure. Then the shaking stops. What now? Is my body failing? The Yellow Turban is not stopping. He came to me and aimed his leg high to land on my weaken body. I should have noted that kung-fu is an actual martial art and not only has Jackie Chan performed it for entertainment purposes. I rather be entertained that being beaten in my current situation. The aimed leg is coming any moment. I should have not ordered the nasi ayam. Too scared to watch, I closed my eyes in what would be my last moment of life.

“Eyyaahh!! Eat this idiotic Wei soldier! What a disgrace!”


“Hey wake up!”

“You will be late for school!’

That sounds familiar. It’s a lady. I opened my eyes slowly but the vision is blurry. I saw a figure and she is wearing yellow cloth on her head

“Yellow Turban!!” I screamed in terrified

“Yellow Turban apa ni? Its me, mum”

Mum? I looked around. It is home. Mum is wearing yellow tudung. She is prepared to go to work at the hospital. A nurse to assist doctors in saving lives. Ironically, a battle war brings in more patients. And, thankfully, I am not one of them.

“What has happened? How did you get to tidur on the floor?”

Should I answer that I was in a war?

I felt a vibrating sensation in my pockets. It is my hand phone. The screen exhibit light blue lights appearing Akmal as the caller. I looked at mum and then the phone.

“Tak nak jawab ke?”

The green phone button is pressed.


“Hai mangkuk! Why is it so hard to get you? Anyway, I am at our usual lepak place. The assembly will start soon. Can you be hurry? Or I might enjoy 2 packets of Mak Limahs nasi ayam!”

I pressed the red button. I must hurry for my nasi ayam!

“Hey, are you alright” my mum asked

I have been knocked out countless of times. I have sustained serious injuries and my body should expose a number of bruises. Mentally, I am shocked.

“Yes, I am alright”

“Ok, you better get hurry or you’ll be very late” said mum


“Hmm the phone needs fixing. I wonder what has happened. I can’t make a call. But I’ll see to it later. I got to go. Bye!”


I don’t understand anything. But I am sure now that war is ugly when you can’t fight properly. Although, without me, I am sure General Caoci will defeat the Yellow Turban successfully. I don’t think I can forget the dead bodies spread like mushrooms on soil, especially the dead leave on one of them. A sad spring.

What I know now is that I will not miss Mak Limah’s nasi ayam!


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