Art is not mainly for entertaining….


“Its totally not in alignment people, act again!”

The director makes a cut to either end a scene or to point out mistakes. His main attention is so that his play will be played smoothly in front of the audiences. The casted actors are not afford to make mistakes as to not exhibit ugly act and thus, a lie which is not the truth of the written script. One can see the same hard practice in a pre-concert trial or writers trying their level best to earn approval from their editors of a remarkable story. What is the purpose of it all? Of course! Probably the main agenda is money! But in order to earn money, one has to attract customers. How? Is it through the element of entertainment alone?

Well, perhaps.

Binding teh tarik, newspaper and butter spread bread in the morning, before work, one cannot escape from Lat’s witty comic in newspaper which sarcasm touches beyond society, culture and politics. It is still morning, the radio plays a number of hits, loyally accompany through the hustle and bustle on the road as the honking boils anger, the music soothes like ice cool. After work, refreshed at home, in most scenarios, the whole family is glued to the television enjoying a soap opera blistering through a cycle of emotional laughter, sadness, happiness, tragic etc.

Yes, arts play a part in our life, besides entertaining!

They are never meant to entertain us alone. One way of education is through art as it delivers knowledge it its strange but effective way, instead of serious lecture or boring strings of readings. Who can forget the endless laughter of watching Mind Your Language of which focuses on basics of the English Language? Of course, our very own evergreen singer Zainal Abidin who successfully brought everyone to their feet to sing of protest against progress by destroying nature through Hijau? An alternative way to educate people of which arts never fails.

Another good example is the play Air Con by Shanon Shah trying to expose conflicts of teenage boy in becoming a man through humorous way. It comprises issues of friendship, religion, oppression and sexual exploration. And yes! It is about mak nyahs and gays. The play touches on sensitive issues and may hit many people especially with those having complex sexual identity but the humor managed to buy their attention. Such play will be enjoyed and the audience will be educated. Art has portrayed its way through social issues by being educationally entertaining.

Studies have also shown that early age exposure to music will give children more advantage to excel in their studies. It enables young learners to progress better by learning the music language and play them. Without noticing, it also improves self confidence. The shy ones, when played an act in front of an audience, usually become expressive. Art has been an effective tool to boost youngsters mind and to encourage them to express themselves.

On the other hand, stress has been a part of life which is inevitable. Psychologically, art has been a tool of calmness. Certain type of music, varies from people to people though, gives positive effect to ones mood. Some people prefer humor theater play to bright up after their stressful work. Art is entertaining, yet, psychologically calming to most people.

Say it again, say it twice, art is entertaining but it is being portrayed universally, in many areas to not mainly entertaining.


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