An untold meteorological friendship





Their presence perhaps has been long before the human was even born.  They have duties. Duties carried out by nature. Although seem occupied, it never stops the friendship among them. And never ever the friendship among them is crossed by mankind. Neither they can nor does any mankind have the power to.

In the act of duty, they appear without the slightest idea,

as the rain falls and kiss the drying leaves,

as the snow falls lightly on the joyful children,

as the drought (extreme solo sun) witness grateful humans when meeting water,

as the storm (rain + wind) smiles on humans helping each other

as the blizzard (snow) noticed the brave polar bears hibernate,

as the sun rays reached the skin of people enjoying themselves at the beach,

as the wind playfully help to fly the kites played by kids on the field

They can’t help but wish for the impossible; to stretch the friendship to creatures on earth. But their only communication is through physical touch which at times could cause calamities which diminish a lot of money and time.

Mistaken not, it is not their wanting. But certainly sure, not a good start to forming a friendship.

The sun acknowledged its importance through periodical presence before the jealous moon exclaims its shine. Like the importance of the childish green leaves which crave for sunlight and water continuously.

When the leaves cry for water, the rain is forced to come with the help of the wind that welcome clouds to block the sun. Bored with bathing, the leaves cry for sunlight and the poor wind hurriedly shove clouds away from the sun. It is inevitable, without the green beings, many beings including the earth, can’t survive.

This in return frustrate both sun and rain that they refuse to appear however best the wind tries to bring any available cloud but the clouds became frustrated eventually to be pushed around. The angered clouds then disappear. Sun exploited cloud for revenge by bribing them with quality vapour from Nile River so that they too fed and now the fat clouds will stay stagnant and prevent sun rays from the demanding leaves.

At the end, the helpful wind could not move the heavy clouds away. Clueless, so it hides out of disappointment. The earth is proud of itself as the venue of countless living being but it is a sensitive being. So, upon hearing complaints, it punishes itself. It hurts itself by cracking its solid rock figure and brings earthquakes and tsunamis to ease his pain.

The weather management is not an easy task for these weather friends and the subject becomes even worse to apply as they are not appreciated by earth’s occupants. No pay and no benefits. They were hopeful for a guidebook that never existed. Yet they try their very best in every way possible for the name of duty. Ultimately, without them, beings on earth will never survive.

Isn’t it ironic? None of them is capable of being beneficial for earth wholly alone. The prospect of earth being alone with the sun ray is, not alone even with the rain. It is as though they are meant for each other. Without one another, the earth can never be earth.

Among all of them, the wind is the most flexible and a loyal companion. No matter what climate, the wind will most likely be present. Be it snow, rain, sunny, blizzard or even drought. And therefore, the wind is the most experienced of all as he has seen almost everything including how the earth has grown from young till now.

Being the ‘father’, he has done a mistake. Not to care but to over care. When the young earth feels hot, the wind blew strongly the snowy Himalayans creating a cold atmosphere at once. When the young earth is shocked of thunder, the wind attacks mildly his solid body with tornadoes in creating tickle to cherish him.

Thus, the earth becomes spoilt. His anger, whenever his wish is unfulfilled, will turn into a chaos of calamities. Once, the earth consists of one continent surrounded by the ocean.  The earth, sulked a few times like a child throws tantrums; massive volcano eruptions and deadly earthquakes. Consequently, the continent broke into pieces and that has shaped the earth today leaving many living beings, extinct.

That is why the wind will try its very best to satisfy the occupants of the earth which in turn satisfy the earth. The weather’s economic profit is simple, people are happy, the earth is happy then. The wind works diligently and nonstop because he feels terribly responsible for who the earth is today. An unintended burden lay on his shoulder.

Obnoxiously, the weather is a boring job. It is simple; you appear and the rest is magic! It works wonderfully and mysteriously. The weather elements are cooperative to each other but the un-mistaken demanding job has taken its toll on everyone; they become selfish. Then, loneliness easily crept in and each one of them somehow takes advantage of wind’s blind determination in doing duty.

But work is work. No matter what, it must be done. The wind, notice the dilemma so he tirelessly accompanies everyone, cheer them up in order for them to be happy. Gratefully, he can stretch himself long. A gift of which may turn disastrously ugly if he wishes to.

And deep down, in their lonely life, everyone longs for communication with people for them understand their dilemma as well, especially the wind. But will people understand?

So, the journey began, in search for at least a human soul to cater a vacant for lonely friends. Since it is snowing, so the wind thought to give it a try to the surrounding. The wind touches the faces, many of them. Cold and breezy, the people enjoy the sudden mild windy outbreak.

The hopeless wind blew a bit stronger without knowing he encourages low temperature. The people fade away altogether. But poor wind does not see why and become confused.  So he left behind the joyful snow who is enjoying watching people playing with her, to join sun rays.

The relaxing sun is delighted with the presence of wind but becomes disappointed of being ignored. The sun rays even more and it gets hotter. Thus the wind tries again, it blows mildly to the faces of people. They become happier despite the increasing heat.

Again, he blows stronger. The people are much happier. A windy sensation during the intense heat is equivalent to heaven. They bow down, touching their forehead to the ground, fold their hand upwards and raise their head above with deep gratefulness as if paying tribute to the sun who is thought the God and now looks bewilderingly happy. The wind left in anger.

On the other hand, the left behind but joyful snow enjoys being played by humans; their laughter explores the chemistry of fun. The thick fur animals comfortably walk on her and harmlessly wrestled without fear of getting hurt when slammed on her. She feels the closeness, generating line with human, though without words.

But she has sadness, just like the other weather friends of hers. Lying in the thick layers of her are defeated human and animal bodies, fallen trees of cold weather. Although they plead in vain, nothing she could do to stop. Her job is to be done. There is no emergency brake. Silently, she cries and melts. The laughter gives a meaning to her. Without the people, she is nothing.

The fluttering butterflies are travelling from one flower to another, greedily sucking sweetness to fulfil their empty stomach. Winds, still angry, passed by and make it harder for the butterflies to eat. At the same time, it is the right time as the flower has had ‘birth’ so the wind takes together the future pollen with him to be spread away from potential predators.

Under the bright sun, the thankful flowers dance to the rhythm of the wind. But the sun is descending, the moon will arrive soon. Many living beings are looking forward to it. When it is dark, the wind notices, the cheetah with better vision targeting, hoping to get a feast. And also, the silent peaceful rest; sleeping. Even he himself, and of course others, is expecting a day off. The sun is the luckiest of all.

No matter how the earth is judged, it is like the heart, a nonstop working maniac of when stops, will become fatal. The heart beats. The earth spins. He works hard like no other and usually with no complain.

Everyone notices this so they try their best to help ease earth in any way they can. If it dies, there will be only one standard; day but no night and night but no day situation on each side of the earth. Of which the leaves will terribly complain and of which, the sun and rain cannot tolerate.

The main worry of all is that, the wind knew, the earth is getting older and the end of his time is coming. It may not be soon but it may also be soon. Coping with the ridiculous demand from earth occupants is difficult to comprehend with the earth situation, because deep inside, they wish to stop serving totally. Perhaps it is better, for earth, to stop spinning.

Desperate wind tries to get in contact with any living being but none can be connected, only physical contact can be implicated of which bizarre will only shoo them away. But then even if successful, the question arises, can you stop complaining? It will only remain a question.

Clueless yet, the wind can only hope to get everyone together to fulfill their duties and eventually to have the aging earth his way without being sensitive much although it is being exploited. Lately, he is becoming more sensitive than usual; more earthquakes, more tsunamis, more volcano eruption. Earth is addicted to have himself hurt and being eased.

The rain pours as the wind blew skillfully creating a melodic humming to soothe the grieving earth. And the sun abruptly appears, perfect timing to emerge the beautiful rainbow. And that is the only time that everyone, the living beings and earth himself included, are at awed at the amazing view.

There is a wish. A wish that everyone, especially the wind, is hoping it will come true that is so that rainbow never ends. Never let go. As the earth continues spinning with no complaint by his, at times disheartening occupants, this is the best moment.

Rain keeps falling…

Snow keeps coming…

Sun keeps shining…

Earth keeps spinning…

Wind keeps everyone’s job…


5 thoughts on “An untold meteorological friendship

  1. I love reading your essays, why not to try your luck with your essays, you can send this to any writing competition, I will support you. In my life, there is no principle “friends come and go, and wrong if we consider a friend is a friend in time of grief alone, because friends are friends all the time, if he cannot do that, why do not we start earlier.

    Siti Rafi’Tahir

      1. Thats okay, studies come first.. its good in a way, prioritizing is vital.. ive been okay, busy with work as well.. just managed to post one or two between months and i have a lot to catch up of your blog honestly Rafi… how are things with you? Oh, i finally got to attend a free talk by Farish A Noor at ANnexe Gallery the other, it was twisting really. But the things he do is just awesome! He just got lotsa things to talk about….

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