Wrestling gangsterism with comedy, I believe KONGSI is a success for all age viewers despite certain scenes which could be a bit extreme like the loss of a finger, in a funny way of course, would not create a pleasure disturbance.

Tumulak, a muai thai fighter who speaks deep Northern Malaysian’s accent, is a Thailand assassin who is on a mission to murder some influential thugs in Malaysia.

I think the main theme is that, no matter how far you run, the power evil will always be defeated. Like the malay proverb goes sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh jua or Lu langsi Lu mati! 

The other theme which is the origin of Tumulak’s vengeance-driven motive is SAY NO TO BRIBERY. And I think that this is the reason that Malaysian’s government became helpful and has supplied many facilities to this movie especially scenes of hot pursuit.

Perhaps, Farid Kamil is trying to bring gangsterism into criticism by humiliating oppression which is widely used by them. And there is also a showing by the police who lose his temper by Victor’s provocation. Police too has patience limit but the inefficiency of dealing with these thugs is not a smart investigation.

The actors are as below, taken from Shahril‘s blog

Antara barisan pelakon dalam filem ini adalah Tumulak (Shaheizy Sam), Norliana Samsudin (Detektif Maya), Fizo Omar sebagai ASP Shariff, Azad Jazmin (Mikail), Putri Mardiana (Yati), Fida (Maria), Zul Handy Black (Kimpedu), Shafie Jaafar (Tok Malik), Pooniah (Victor), Chew Kin Wah (Jimmy).

But Kimpedu is played by Bront Palare, right?

The jokes and storyline are well portrayed to me but then ending is a bit too rushing. Out of no where, right after the hot pursuit, all the other police appeared to chase Tumulak. It would make more sense if there are scenes of the police communicating with each other. Making the story more tense as it reach the climax.

Tumulak acted by Shaheizy Sam has a lot of credits to be given as he has not only mastered the accent of Northern Malaysian but also the fighting skills. A caliber actor with less emotional expression which makes him the best suited actor to play Tumulak.

Tumulak’s skills is an inspiration for martial art lovers, it does prove at one point that if you work hard, you will get it but let it be for a good cause 😉

Overall, KONGSI is not bad at all, just the ending could be a bit more interesting. Farid Kamil has done a good job in creating a comedy filled gangsterism film dwindling vengeance and bribery in between.


2 thoughts on “KONGSI

  1. “Tumulak, a muai thai fighter who speaks deep Northern Malaysian’s accent, is a Thailand assassin who is on a mission to murder some influential thugs in Malaysia.”

    actually he was sent to cause disturbance to the malaysian big-influenced gangsters so that they will fight each other

    • Ooo ok, I missed his objectivity. But Kempedu is passively introduced, the real reason why he wanted to cause the disturbance…. I think there will be a sequel.

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