Pirates of the Caribbean : On Stranger Tides

Ok, here we are again, with pirates on the screen.

Witty Captain Jack Sparrow dazzles us with his comedic, spontaneous act to acclaim this time, his truly beloved though yet uninterested; Black Pearl is still on his mind.

Truly as the cunning lover, Penelope Cruz has to work out the faking persona. I personally think Catherine Zeta-Jones could do the magic instead.

The end with sayings of Legendary Pirate of Captain Jack Sparrow? Mermaids and rituals? Perhaps the pirates could never have a better story development. Producers and Screenwriters, it is okay, you may end the story now.

Nevertheless, one of the most enticing issue in this movie is religion versus paranormal. Imagine JAIS versus Seekers. The interaction between Serena, the mermaid and Phillip, the missionary suggesting kindness beyond boundaries.

Blackbeard proves that though how evil you are, death is still inevitable, in this life suffer production will bring you no good, a religious person or not. Ian McShane charisma is not suited to carry evil characters, in my point of view, his strength is not remarkably disliking.

Suggestion for story development? Hmmm…. This is one pirate story that is not treasure hunting oriented, well more or less, which is unique. Besides that, it is lead by witty comedic Jack Sparrow in the violent and brutal pirate world, that is another vital point for the Pirates of the Caribbean! The advantage is that it is not a novel adapted film but a spontaneous splendid idea instead and boom! made into film series. Any ideas would suit the story. Nonsense or not.

Love, lust or affairs, fairly always. Friendship, done. Loyalty, done. Evil, always. Action, done. Evil ties with Good, done. Curse, done. Betrayal, done. Survival, always. Cross cultural pirates, done. Treasure, not exciting anymore.

Jack Sparrow has no intention to be the leader or whatsoever but only the captain of the ship on a quest to reign his selfish goals. And we have seen this over again and again in four films. Whats more can be expected? No better story development may suggest the end of the series is the best for all, with a happy ending or tragic? With the death of Jack Sparrow??!!

More rums savvy!

Since the Black Pearl is trapped in the bottle, a sequel is hugely anticipated with more twisted storyline. Am I going to find out? I just might 😛


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