Fast & Furious 5

In a point of view, Fast & Furious is a similar concept with Pirates of the Caribbean, a series adapted not from book and it may developed on its own, freely. And I must say, Fast & Furious has done a better job than the Pirates.

Awesomeness! That is all I got to say.

Since the last episode, there have been a lot of racing, so what else? Fast & Furious team comes back to make a full stop forever. But of course,  they will never let you get away saying, “ahha thats the end of it”

I am entertained. Thats true but there are also unrealistic deems in the movie. Especially in family making business, though in this case, the illegal ones. My Entrepreneur lecturer once told us to never do business with a relative because it will get ugly during heated moments and damn it is real. When Dom & Vince are disputed between themselves, they rekindled. Yeah it may happen but in this business, it just to good to be true. Anyhow, its a good bet for the movie to move on. Strong brotherhood. A family on the line. That really boost Dom’s leadership which not only he is a remarkable strategist but also a loyal companion to his team.

The action sequence is wonderfully and smoothly connected. I agree wholly with koimoi that the themes of brotherhood, actions, father wannabe dilemma are all perfectly run in a good line.  A diversity of the team makes up a creative humor, witty dialogues and not forgetting, a splendid work among themselves. It is thrilling yet interesting. Bravo!

But separating racing from Fast & Furious? Can you do that? Of course not! There is a minor race on the line, but totally not infused into the whole operation. What started as a illegal, fame racing has brought them this far to get easy money. But not here in reality, viewers. Better not get into the hyped. Entertainment is one thing and to live like entertainment is totally another.

Incorporating Dwayne Johnson could be a brilliant thing as he has a good reputation as a cop portrayal and his undisputed aura is admirable. I could almost remember the duel between Triple H and The Rock once upon a time. But i don’t get the beard or goatee, whatever.

It is a long run. From North America to South America and then the train ambush to twisted cop and tycoon chase party. And please not to be disappointed because you will stay tuned till the end even to the credits because Fast & Furious 6 will be in store, not so soon though.


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