Its dark. I cant see a thing.

I’m stuck. I cant move an inch.

It feels like I have been abducted. Is it true?

I’m mute all of a sudden. I realize there is a fine sound flowing out through my mouth. Something is blocking its way out. Something that has empowered my freedom of speech at this moment.

Funny. I never was a chatter myself. What kind of thought led in freedom of speech!?

I laughed but it suffocates me even more.

My eyes are freely blinking, I began to see that the surrounding has been an absent of light. Have they not a switched off the dark?

In a distance, a dog howls in the cold. I think it is night time. Unless the dog gets injured in the middle of afternoon and I am in somewhere air-conditioned.

My brain works too rapidly. I guess Im panicking. I am thinking too much now. But it is normal at this situation, right? Im expecting myself too much to be relax at this tangled moment.

A list of people came rushing through my mind, oh how I wish I can send a message to them of my dire need of help. There is nothing I can do with the absent of light and with me being stuck.

From afar, I heard a door swung open without hesitation. The person knows I am right here. But still no sign of light.

I screamed. My lungs are generally working harder to provide me excessive air.

No respond but I felt a presence near me.

I am held and sat upright. The presence is notable, the breathing is near letting out wind gives sharp chilling to my spine.  Could have spared some air for my bankrupting lungs?

Mute. Paralyzed. Stranded.

What else?

One pair of hands touched my breasts. The deepest inquisition has begun. From the very beginning a thrust is meant to abrupt. Wavelengths of thundered melody are a wonderful sensation. Bleak sweat crawling down the skin stopping not a second pouring. A soul is garnered, picturing a future full of dark shades. When the melody reached the highest note, the show comes to a stop in dark still.

At this solitude point of incapability, I surrendered into submission.

The figure is still actively moving around. Something about the way he moves. Slow but determined. The sun of tomorrow, will I get to see it through this blindness. The weight of my body dragged forcibly to one side.  My skin touched a rough, distinctive smell of strong coarse fabric. I am put on a clothe of the utmost uncomforting and it is in a sack.

Still being dragged and stopped.

I heard a tin crashed on the floor.

Scent of kerosene arise and stuffed my nose.

Small bright yellow is seen visible from afar through this layer of clothes blinding me. It appeared right near to me and blew a shred of bright yellow wave all around me, spreading it like an angel dropped by hugging me away from here. Felt like there is a hope. Finally it came, the light.


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