I stare in the eyes of the death

There is a sweetness in His wrath

That I believe at times it is God i smell under His breath

Its divine lifted me higher than crystal meth


To some up the sky is where success is

Take it all in with 101% risk

Gradually you will see the golden diamond chandeliers

You will feel it, the bliss


I have a confession

That i love the opposite direction

The opposite of proposition

The opposite of your bliss dimension


As i see down is the way

I’m addicted to it everyday

Blood is oozing with disappointments and depressions in graceful sway

As though i have forgotten how to be normal societe


You see me from your success

And you asked, what is worthy of my depressed and distressed

You cant see it as you are now obsessed, oppressed and dispossessed

Here in the arms of death’s chest and I am in a better manifestation of best


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