Director : Dean Devlin

Writer : Dean Devlin & Paul Guyot

Music : Lorne Balfe

Release Date : 20/10/2017


siren blasting, more police officers are arriving at the scene

Wilson : He’s all yours

Dekkon : Wait, wait a minute! I have given you an opportunity, Mr President. You should take it

Palma (President) : Opportunity?! Let him go

Police releases Leonard Dekkon

Palma : Its genocide, Leonard!

Dekkon : You say genocide, i say preemptive strike

Palma : You’ve lost your mind!

Dekkon : Tomorrow the sun will rise and our enemies will be gone. Wiped away as if by the Hands of the God.

Palma : Why would you do this?

Dekkon : Because no one else would. Im turning the clock to the year 1945 where the  America is a shining city on the hill, not just a bank disguised as a country.  

Palma : …by playing God?

Dekkon : what the hell is Dutch Boy if not playing God? Ask Max, he knows.

Dekkon pointing to Max Lawson 

Dekkon : is about playing God. Sometimes, God doesn’t play so nice.

Lawson : Yeah, you know what my brother would say?

Dekkon : what?

Max Lawson punches Leanord Dekkon in the face



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