Léon: The Professional

Director : Luc Besson

Writer : Luc Besson

Music : Éric Serra

Release date : 14/09/1994



At an apartment door, Mathilda placed a chewing gum on the peephole while Léon gets ready with a long handled shears 

Mathilda : There is no doorbell

Léon : So knock on the door

Mathilda knocks on the door

Victim : Yes?

Mathilda : Hi, I’m looking for Mr Ruben’s apartment but its all dark out here in the hall and im lost.

Victim : Just a second

Mathilda gesture thumbs up on both hands

Gun carry is heard

Léon grabbed Mathilda swiftly to his side before shots are fired from inside the apartment

Victim : You want more? Come on show your fucking face! Think you gonna get me that easily?

More shots are fired. The door is wrecked and there is big hole at the door as victim insist to see their faces. 

Léon : When it tough like this, you know it’s gonna be ugly. Better make it quick or else we’ll be here all day listening to his crap.

Victim : Asshole! Show me your fucking face, faggot! Come on, “gum trick”?!

Léon : Hey, what about the “ring trick”? You know that one?

Victim : “Ring trick”? Come on, asshole.

Léon disengaged a grenade and threw it through the hole at the door  

Victim : I’m waiting, show it to me motherfucker!

The grenade blew off and Léon shows Mathilda the grenade’s ring on his palm

Léon : That’s the “ring trick”



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