Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds (신과함께-죄와)

Director : Kim Yong-Hwa

Based on : <same title> by Joo Ho-Min

Music : Bang Jun-Seok

Release Date : 20/12/2017


Kim Soo-Hong (in graduation robe) appears in his mother’s dream albeit the alter reality’s regulations. Speaking and signing language at the same time. 

Soo-Hong : Ma, open your eyes, its me

Mother : mute and deaf, approaches Soo-Hong

Soo-Hong : I have successfully become a high level lawyer

Mother : understood and noticed the two other gentlemen at the door (Gang Rim & Haewonmak) also in graduation robe, they bowed awkwardly to the old lady

Soo-Hong : They have placed me in the heaven now and my main job is to deal with the bad guys

Mother : crying and signing understood

Soo-Hong : So you have to stop looking for me at the base camp

Soo-Hong barely could fight the tears


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