The Breadwinner

Director : Nora Twomey

Written by : based on <same name> by Deborah Ellis, Anita Doron

Music by : Mychael Danna, Jeff Danna

Release data : 17/11/2017 (US)


Parvana : I saw something

Shauzia : What do you want me to say?

Parvana : i should’ve helped

Shauzia : need help yourself to a good whipping, that’s all

Parvana : but im not a boy

Shauzia : you’re not a boy, you’re not a girl, now i need a help because this tray is too heavy, will you help?. Urrghh scratch my nose, quickly. If i let go of the tray, this strap will break.

Parvana scratches Shauzia’s nose

Shauzia : <relieved> that’s better

Parvana : Atish

Shauzia : What?

Parvana : I remembered my name. Its Atish.

Shauzia : That’s not really a name

Parvana : It means fire

Shauzia : i know what it means but its still not a name

Parvana : Then it suits me fine

Shauzia : I’ll call you Atish then



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