A Taxi Driver (택시운전사)

Director : Jang Hoon

Written by : Eom Yu-na

Music by : Jo Yeong-wook

Release Date : 02/08/2017


Taxi stopped at the side of the road

Kim Man-seob (taxi driver) : No, no Gwang-ju. Now, we go  Seoul.

Peter : Seoul?

Taxi driver nods

Peter : What are you talking about? I have to go to Gwang-ju

Taxi driver : <in Korean> That is your thought and it’s not that i am refusing your request.

<in English> Soldier say, Gwang-ju no!

Peter : oh, okay. You wont get paid if you don’t take me to Gwang-ju. You understand?

Taxi driver : <grumbles in Korean> what is he saying?

Peter : no Gwang-ju, no money

Taxi driver : <in English> no money?!

<in Korean> : you must be joking! Do you know how much gas we have utilized? Soldier has instructed not to enter Gwang-ju! We can’t drive through!

<stressing in English> No Gwang-ju

Taxi driver pointing to the camera at the back seat

Taxi Driver : you what camera picture? why you Gwang-ju?

Peter : <distressed> oh my god. You know what, just take me to Gwang-ju. That is all you should worry about, what im doing there its none of your business, okay?

Taxi driver :  <try to make sense of the situation, in English> business? You businessman? So you Gwang-ju?

Peter : <amused but impatient> yeap, Gwang-ju. No Gwang-ju, no money.

Peter point ahead directly saying to start moving 

Taxi driver : <in Korean> Shit, am i just going to waste the gas money?

Taxi is then seen passing by the paddy field





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