The Battleship Island (군함도)

Director : Ryoo Seung-wan

Screenplay by : Ryoo Seung-Wan

Release Date : 26/07/2017


Park Moo-young and Lee So-hee are playing pebbles

So-hee : I want cold soy noodles

Park : ….with tasty broth and some salt on top

So-hee : I like it better with sugar

Park : <make his turn with the pebbles> alright, sugar it is. Pull out a mouthful of those noodles

A sudden pain on his bottom left abdomen, Park then lost his turn with the pebbles

So-hee : With reddish kimchi on the side

So-hee lost her turn too, frustratingly. 

So-hee : oh, let’s stop this! <threw away the pebbles>. This only makes me hungry.

Park : When we get out of here, lets eat noodles first.

So-hee : Then we are getting back home?

Park : of course. That is why your dad i helping me. However, at this moment, there’s something i need your help with.

Park touches So-hee’s left shoulder gently

Park : Will you help me?

Soo-hee looks at Park blankly.





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