Roman J. Israel, Esq.

Director : Dan Gilroy

Written by : Dan Gilroy

Music by : James Newton Howard

Release Date : 17/11/2017 (U.S.)


Roman J. Israel, Esquire is seen confused and looks stranded in a desert area with his van at the side of the road.

<Eddie Kendricks’ Keep on Truckin’ ringtone plays on the phone>

Roman : Hello?

Maya : Hey, its Maya

Roman : Hi Maya

Maya : What are you doing?

Roman : uh, nothing much

Maya : You’d tell me if was bugging you

Roman : <shook his head> no

Maya : <chuckles> well, that’s honest. You know i only call you when im down. That’s horrible, right? One of my friends, one of my best staffers quit on me yesterday. Told me working here was just for his resume.

Roman : Yeah, the ability to have, uh conflicting ideas in one’s head takes effort.

Maya : i like that. Hows your day going?

Roman : uh, you know, life smiles, i smile back.

Maya : You don’t sound like you’re smiling

Roman : im a little, kind of anxious actually.

Maya : well, just tell yourself that most of the things you worry about will never, ever happen.

Roman : I’ll try that

Maya : alcohol works even better <small laughter>. Roman?

Roman : yeah?

Line is breaking up

Maya : It’s really bad connection. Where are you?

Roman : in a desert.

Maya : Well, it feels like that sometimes. Just gotta keep moving.

Roman : which way?

Maya : Head on. Just straight through.

Line is breaking up further

Roman : hello?

Maya : Roman? Hey can you hear….? <Maya’s voice is being unheard>

Roman : Hello? Maya?

Line went off



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