Midnight Runners (청년경찰)

Director : Kim Joo-hwan

Screenplay by : Kim Joo-hwan

Release Date : 09/08/2017


Park Ki-joon is approaching the available seat at the canteen, facing Kang Hee-yeol. Park is frustrated that the canteen operator provides only 2 piece of sausages to each student. He glanced over to Kang’s food tray and realized it’s empty with the remaining 2 sausages. 

Park : Aren’t you going to eat the sausages?

Kang : No

Park : Why?

Kang : <hesitated> Sausage is made with sodium glutamate and sodium nitrate, which are carcinogens.

Park : <paused for a few seconds> So why wont you eat them?

Kang : Why would you eat carcinogens on purpose?

Park : Then i’ll take them

Park pierced Kang’s sausages with his fork. 

Kang : Sodium glutamate…

Park eats the sausages 

Kang : Eat up

Kang put on his cap and leaves with his empty food tray. Park takes another bite with rice and as Kang walked by, he smiles. 




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