Batman: Gotham by Gaslight

Director : Sam Liu

Screenplay by : Jim Krieg <based on Brian Augustyn & Mike Migonola’s Gotham by Gaslight>

Music by : Frederik Wiedmann

Release Date : 23/01/2018 (Digital Download)


Alfred Pennyworth finds his way to Bruce Wayne’s secret investigation room to serve drinks. 

Alfred : Bruce, I know how much sister Leslie…

Bruce : What, Alfred? What did you say?

Alfred : Nothing at all sir. I presumed, and i presumed incorrectly. What have you there?

Bruce : It’s a membership pin from the Dionysus Club. It was at the scene. The Batman will return it to Gordon after my analysis.

Alfred : Yours? You were there, you might’ve dropped it.

Bruce : No. There’s blood splattered on the pin. It was there when the murder happened. Mine wasn’t.

Alfred : This does narrow the filed considerably.

Bruce : Including the mayor, Harvey, even Hugo Strange. Virtually every wealthy man in Gotham.

Alfred : Testing your fingerprints theory again? You know, they’ll never admit that sort of thing as evidence.

Bruce : There are not prints, just a few fibers in the fastener. If i could match these…

Alfred : It’ll have to wait. I’ve laid out your mourning clothes.

Bruce : I have my own manner of mourning.

Alfred : Revenge.

Bruce : Her blood cries out for it.

Alfred : Does it, sir? “Beloved, avenge not yourselves, vengeance is mine. I will repay” sayeth the Lord. She wouldn’t want you to be alone right now.

Bruce : Its how i work best, Alfred.

Bruce switch off the candle lantern and gets up from the chair

Bruce : But i can pay my respects.

Bruce exits the secret room. 




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