Borg McEnroe

Directed by : Janus Metz Pedersen

Written by : Ronnie Sandahl

Music  by : Vladislav Delay, Jon Ekstrand, Carl-Johan Sevedag, Jonas Struck

Release Date : 08/09/2017 (Sweden)


Lennart Bergelin enters the young Bjorn Borg’s room

Lennart : <sighed and paused> I know what it’s like, you know. Sometimes i lost on purpose, just to get away from that awful feeling when the game slips away. When i lost, i’d go straight to the locker rooms and puke. I couldn’t bear losing. That goes for you too. It’s life and death to you. The others don’t feel the same. They are not like you. That’s why they’ll never be as good as you can be.

Lennart walks further into the room

Lennart : but wanting it that bad can also trip you up. Three quarter finals at Wimbledon. No other Swede has done that. In 1984, I could have won the whole damn show. Then i lost the first set, and the second, i couldn’t get past my own head. I should have shut down. Only i didn’t.

Lennart gets himself a chair and sat facing Borg.

Lennart : This Saturday, I’m letting you play Onny Parun. On one condition.

Borg : I’m not going to apologize.

Lennart smiles

Lennart : You don’t have to. But promise me something. Promise me to never show a single bloody emotion again.

Scenes showing near future Borg vomiting at the toilet cubicle. 

Lennart : Be like a pressure cooker and block everything else out. It just doesn’t exist. All that rage, fear and panic, load them all into every stroke. Into every forehand, every backhand. Every single shot. 

Scenes showing Borg at the locker room and in action on the tennis court before coming back to the young Borg’s room. 

Lennart : Do you understand me?

Young Borg nods his head

Lennart : Saturday’s match wont be five sets. It will be one single point, one point at a time. One point at a time, Bjorn. But if you lose your head and start acting out, that’s the end of the line. 

Lennart extends his hand, Borg reaches for his hand.  

Lennart : Okay.

Scenes goes back and forth between the room and Borg at the post-vomit toilet cubicle. 




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