The Disaster Artist

Directed by : James Franco

Screenplay by : Scott Neustedter, Michael H. Weber <based on Greg Sestero’s The Disaster Artist>

Music by : Dave Porter

Release date : 01/12/2017 (US)


Greg Sestero : Okay um. Alright, listen, when um, when i, When I get up on stage in front off people, It’s like all I could think about is uh, “what if they laugh at me” or “if i embarrass myself?”

Tommy Wiseau : Mmm hmmm <while eating pizza>

Greg : Um, but you man, you’re like fucking fearless! And i just, I, I wanna feel that too. I just, I want, I want that.

Tommy : Okay

Greg : I want what, what you have. And i just, I, I figured I could, I could learn something from you. That’s, That’s it.

Tommy : oh, alright.


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