Director : Rob Reiner

Written by : Joe Hartstone

Music by : Marc Shaiman

Release Date : 03/11/2017 (US)


A heat discussion is taking place regarding the Civil Rights bill in the White Office as President John F. Kennedy listening to all the talking points. Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson and his team are trying their level best to go against it. The debate then turned silent as Kennedy is seen to be in deep thought.

Kennedy : Thank you gentlemen

Everyone leaves except for Kenneth Patrick O’Donnell and Robert F. “Bobby” Kennedy  

Kennedy : What do you think?

Bobby : The time for negotiation is over

Kennedy : What about the Southern Democrats?

Kenneth : You never had their support anyway.

Bobby : This is one of those times to draw a line in the sand.

Kennedy : We could get to them through Lyndon. Send a message. Maybe they might listen to a Southerner who’s on our side.

Bobby : What makes you think he’s on our side?

Kennedy : Kenny, can we get this bill passed?

Kenneth : i don’t know sir. It’s not gonna be easy.

Kennedy : Well, we don’t do these things because they’re easy. We do them because they’re hard.

Kenneth : Well, what do you want me to tell Lyndon?

Bobby : well, the vice president is no longer part of the discussion.




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