Wonder Wheel

Directed by : Woody Allen

Written by : Woody Allen

Release Date : 01/12/2017 (US)


Mickey Rubin is sitting on bench looking over the sea. Ginny Rannell came from his behind and land both her hands on his shoulders. 

Ginny : I’m glad we could steal these few minutes

Mickey gets up to face her

Ginny : No one’ll see us this end of the broad walk. It’s, Its so private.

Mickey : I wanted to talk to you

Ginny : First, I wanna talk to you.

Mickey : Okay

Ginny : Don’t look so worried. Mine is a nice thing.

Ginny walks to the front of the bench and lets Mickey sit down. Then she sits next to hom.  

Mickey : What?

Ginny lands her hand on Mickey’s hips

GinnyDo you miss me?

Mickey : Well, you’ve been so busy with your son and his school.

Ginny : Oh, God! That’s not what i asked you! Did you miss me?!

Mickey : Jesus, Ginny. Take it easy.

Ginny : Well, you’re always so evasive. You never wanna talk about anything. Okay, okay, look, look, i don’t wanna get off to a bad start. Remember last week, it was my birthday?

Mickey : Yes

Ginny : Well, today is yours

Mickey : How’d you know?

Ginny : You mentioned it. Remember, we’re both Leos?

Mickey thought for a second

Mickey : I mentioned it ages ago. What a memory.


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