Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Directed by : Martin McDonagh

Written by : Martin McDonagh

Music by : Carter Burwell

Release Date : 10/11/2017 (US)


William “Bill” Willoughby covered his head with a black clothing with a note pasted on the front saying, “Don’t open the bag, just telephone the boys”. He puts the gun on his head and pulled the trigger. The shot scared the horses. 

Will : My darling Anne, there’s a longer letter in the dressing drawer. I have been writing for the last week or so. That one covers us and my memories  of us and how much I’ve always loved you.

Anne woke up from her sleep <most likely after she heard the shot> and start to walk around the house <to search for Will> 

This one just covers tonight, and more importantly, today. Tonight I  have gone to the horses to end it.

As Anne looks around the area, she found a letter on the table with her name on the envelope.

I can’t say sorry for the act itself.

Anne trembles and tearing. 

Although I know that for a short time, you will be angry or even hate me for it.

Anne shook and trembles harder. 

Please don’t

Anne fell to her knees screaming and crying. 

This is not a case of, “I came in this world alone, and im going out of it alone” or anything dumb like that. i did not come in this alone, my mom was there.

Wills and Annes two little children approaching the sobbing Anne

And i am not going out of it alone, cause you are there, drunk on the couch, making Oscar Wilde cock jokes.

The two horses are now out of their fences , nearby the now dead Will

No this is a case, in some senses, of bravery. Not the bravery of facing a bullet down. The next few months of pain would be far harder than that small flash.

Anne appears at the barn

No, its the bravery of weighing up the next few months of still being with you, still waking up of playing with the kids, against the next few months of seeing in your eyes, how much my pain is killing you, how my weakened body as it ebbs away and you tend to it, at your final and lasting memories of me. I won’t have that. Your final memories will be us at the riverside and that dumb fishing game, which i think they cheated at and me inside of you and you on top of me and barely a fleeting thought of the darkness yet to come.

Desk Sergeant open the black cloth which is now drenched in blood, covering Will’s head. 

That was the best, Anne. A whole day of not thinking about it.

Desk Sergeant looked first and then sighed looking ahead. 

Dwell on this day, baby. cause it was the best day of my life.

Will is seen writing a letter at the table. 

Kiss the girls for me, and know that i have always loved you, and maybe I’ll see you again if there’s another place.

Will wraps up all the letters. 

If there ain’t, well, its been heaven knowing you.

Will folds the letters. 

Your boy, Bill

Will puts the letters into the envelope and let it stand beside the vase. 


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