Lady Bird

Directed by : Greta Gerwig

Written by : Greta Gerwig

Music by : John Brion

Release Date : 03/11/2017 (US)


Marion McPherson is holding a few clothes outside the testing room in a boutique while Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson is trying some clothes

Marion : I guess you wont be going to any dances in college. This is our last one. You know, Davis (college) has a terrific theater. If you are still in theater. Are you?

Christine comes out with a dressing

Christine : Im probably no good at acting

Christine checks herself in the mirror. The dress seems a little too tight for her comfort level. 

Christine : Why don’t i look like the girls in the magazines?

Marion : Its too bad i can’t meet this Kyle before prom.

Christine : He is not my boyfriend anymore. I mean, maybe he never even was.

Marion : Well, i’d still like to meet him.

Christine : Its too tight. Fuck!

Christine enters the testing room again. Marion became a little distressed.

Marion : Well, i suggested you not have that second helping of pasta

Christine : Mom!

Marion : Honey, you seem upset about it. And I’m trying to help you.

Christine : Mom, you are giving me an eating disorder. <sigh> I wish I can get an eating disorder.

Christine walks out with a pink dress and looks at herself in the mirror. 

Christine : I love it.

Marion : Is it too pink?

Marion looks over the dress two to three times. Christine looks at Marion through the mirror and rushes her way into the testing room again. 

Marion : What?

Christine slams the door. Marion seems quizzed about the outburst. 

Christine : Why cant you say i look nice?

Marion : I thought you don’t even care what i think

Christine : I still want you to think I look good

Marion : Okay, Im sorry, I was telling you the truth. Do you want me to lie?

Christine : No, I mean. I just wish…i just..I wish that you liked me.

Marion : Of course I love you.

Christine steps out of the testing room

Christine : But do you like me?

Marion seems struggling to search for words. 

Marion : I want you to be the very best version of yourself that you can be.

Christine : What if this is the best version?

Marion seems lost at words. Christine then makes her way back into the testing room. Marion almost knocked on the door but couldn’t.





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