Directed by : Dee Rees

Screenplay by : Dee Rees, Virgil Williams < based on Hillary Jordan’s Mudbound>

Music by : Tamar-kali

Release Date : 17/11/2017 (US)


The Jacksons family having lunch together at the table. Hap is holding a pencil and looking to a map pasted on the wall. 

Hap : Calvin Augustus got his land here

Hap draws a circle on the map

Hap : and then Bud Leo bought land here

Hap circles another portion on the map

Hap : Now i figure there’s a couple acres right here.

Florence : If only fences can be put up with lead.

Hap : They get taken down with lead all the time.

Ruel : Wont be too much longer, papa, will it? Around this time next year, im gonna have me about 50 acres of cotton, 50 acres of oats, 50 acres of rice,

Lil-May : Fool, rice don’t grow here.

Hap : Never call your brother a fool.

Ruel : im gonna grow some anyway.

Lil–May : That’s why im not gonna be no farmer. Im gonna be stenographer.

Ruel : A ste.. what?

Florence : Its kind of like a typist.

Ruel : They don’t allow no colored typist.

Hap : Your sister will be the first.

Ruel is defeated, his smile diminishes. Florence and Hap exchange smile. 




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