Bas Selangor

Selayang pandang, tersergam setia kelibat bas merah menghampiri dari jauh. Semakin dekat, kedengaran deram geram enjinnya bagai ingin dilepaskan dengan segera. Itulah Bas Selangor yang bakal membawaku pulang. Berderam lagi bas merah itu, mengisyaratkan pada penumpang agar mengaktifkan organ badannya seolah-olah hanya boleh beroperasi jika ada punggung melabuh di kerusi kulitnya itu. Lega hatiku tekanan menghabiskan... Continue Reading →


Lost & Found

The rat's dilemma A cafe stood up in the middle of Brinchang City in Cameron Highlands. Fakhrul, a part time waiter, is anxiously and carefully bringing the ordered food and heading towards the respective, hungry customers. It was a very busy day. Every staffs were running around taking and sending orders while retaining a good... Continue Reading →

Handicap dilemma

Handicap based on OXFORD Advanced Learner's Dictionary means a permanent physical or mental condition that makes it difficult or impossible to use a particular part of your body or mind of which on my understanding also includes old people because they eventually become weak and unable to take care of themselves. On 11th Mac 2011,... Continue Reading →


I yearn you I need you Someday I will own you I earn to have you To use you to have everything But I can't use you to buy love But I can't use you for communication Social does not work that way But social needs money; to find a wife they say, to ENJOY... Continue Reading →

An untold meteorological friendship

Rain Snow Sunny Wind Their presence perhaps has been long before the human was even born.  They have duties. Duties carried out by nature. Although seem occupied, it never stops the friendship among them. And never ever the friendship among them is crossed by mankind. Neither they can nor does any mankind have the power... Continue Reading →

Art is not mainly for entertaining….

“Cut!” “Its totally not in alignment people, act again!” The director makes a cut to either end a scene or to point out mistakes. His main attention is so that his play will be played smoothly in front of the audiences. The casted actors are not afford to make mistakes as to not exhibit ugly... Continue Reading →

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